Evolution of the Water Designs

began with

This original WaterAlive design has found its way into many Vibrakeys. You can see the evolution of the design here at: VK11 WaterAlive MasterKey.

This is the current VK11 - WaterAlive

Next I experimented with placing two of them together to draw the energies into the center & send them through two design & out the ends. Thus the birth of

AVK11 Double Design

This evovled into


Since I lived in the desert, I realized I wanted a more convenient size to carry with me. One I could tuck it into my water carrier, so I created the smaller Water cards. They have gone through many design evolutions.

Single Pointed WA1 is now offered in two sizes;

small 2"x3"&medium 2.5"x4"

Double Pointed WA2 has two versions:

WA2s 1.5"x4"&Rainbow WaterAlive 1.75"x5"

Directing Energy like a Laser

I realized that these designs were somewhat like a laser that could strongly direct different kinds of energies in a certain direction. That is why I began to call them laser wands.

You can place a WaterAlive card on any Vibrakey in a way where you “connect” into a flow of energy coming from that key. The WaterAlive will pick up & direct that energy, along with its own Water frequencies in the direction you point it.

The Shape of Home

Eventually I began to experiment to see just how many ways I could combine these design to see what kind of results I could obtain. I settled on my favorite which uses the hexagonal arrangement, since I consider this the “shape of home.”
I began this circular design with AVK13 Potentizer

& added 6 single point WaterAlives so they would gather the energies into the center & shoot it out in 6 directions, covering a whole room that way.

& evolved it to this card I called

WA-6 Power Up

Here is the current design with added energy of fire,
new water frequencies & dolphins:


Vibrakeys Available for You

All these small cards are only available in the kits & sets now.
I also give them as a free gift with the Vibrakey Specials.

Look through them and click on any one to learn more about it:


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