New Water Intelligence

In 2008 the whales brought a new water codex in to begin to evolve our earth’s water to a new level. This is where a new kind of water frequency comes into play. It is called VK44 BluWater Elixir:

These powerful new codes are gifts from a race of beings we call the Ambassadors. They come from a daughter universe. Our universe’s water was used to create their universe. They brought these to us to assist in the evolution of a new level of intelligence in our water. You can read more of their story on the back, or in the manual of VK44 BluWater Elixir & K-HC Higher Consciousness Kit. The new Rainbow Activator Front is a combination of the BluWater codes & a new kind of mineral frequeny. Added to that is a disc of codes that activate new levels of consciousness in us.

It comes in the K-HC: Higher Consciousness Kit


K-GS GardenSong Project has embedded in its design, a WaterAlive Single & a Rainbow Activator Front disc so it will treat & restructure the water in the air or any water features on or nearby your land, home or garden. You can place simple crystals near the design overnight & place them in fountains, rivers, lakes, ponds, jacuzzi or swimming pool.

How the Design Works

The WaterAlive design seems to act as an invertor;
drawing in some kind of energy life force into the top,
sending it through the network of the
Tree of Life sacred geometric form;
programming it with the frequencies
of the “water teaching” in the Vibrakey designs,
then sending it out the bottom arrow into the field around it.
It seems like the design creates water with a balanced spin.

A Long Conversation with Water

You can duplicate what WaterAlive does if you say & imagine to your water all the “water teachings” we have in this design.
Just hold your water & say to the water what you want it to reflect.

Within our design there is a very long & specific “conversation” to be shared with your water.

I asked for help to create a Vibrakey that would restore the balanced vital purity & aliveness to water that it carries within it as it tumbles down a mountain or bubbles up in a spring from the depths of Mother Earth. I also asked that there might be special codes added that would benefit & support us in this great shift we are making out of the lower densities & into a place of higher consciousness & light filled bodies.
I consider it a great convenience & time saver to have the Water Cards do this for me everyday. I am grateful to the beings who inspired me with the design.

The Frequency Experts

Whales are the most loving & dedicated Earth Record Keepers. They are frequency experts & know that their sacred responsibility is & has been for a very log time; to keep the earth grid in balance & repaired so it functions properly.

They sing, they align & they ask our help from time to time.

They also work with our friends, the Arcturians; the team who are also frequency experts & bring us VK37 Sublime Health & who help to create the crop circles.

They use all use frequencies, via whale songs, cropcircles & tones, along with direct beams of energy, to work together to support Mother Earth & us. To keep us all safe & on track with our transition, transformation & ascension process. There is more support than you might imagine & that is another amazing story!
The reason I bring them to your attention
is that they bring to me
many new codes & frequencies to help evolve water.

Newest Water Frequencies

You can experience some of the new code-frequencies in these Vibrakeys:
VK27 Golden Pyramid has a new water codex from the Ambassadors to link our water to Hyper-dimensional water.
VK28 Safe Haven includes various new water codes
VK30 Sanctuary - New Earth includes various new water codes
VK36 Chariot of the Gods contains the pre-codes for BluWater
VK43 Primal Creation long ribbons of codes from the Creator Whales
VK44 BluWater Elixir is a gift from the Ambassadors bringing a new kind of intelligence into our earth water
VK46 Rainbow LightShip has the same disc with codes as Rainbow Activator Front
VK50 Peace & Harmony Wave has new water codes to restructure the water in the air around earth... to assist in bringing everything into more harmony
PowerUp! Vibrakey in K-PW PowerWater & Energy Kit has the same water codes as VK43 Primal Creation
Rainbow Activator Front in K-HC Higher Consciousness Kit has the same BluWater codes as VK44 BluWater Elixir Home
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