Testing WaterAlive

Dowsing in Sedona

In 1998 while still living in Sedona, Arizona, where the Vibrakeys first began, I had met a man who did water dowsing professionally. I invited him over to help me with a test. I had been treating my water with VK11 WaterAlive MasterKey & loving the way it felt & tasted. I was experimenting with crystals that I had coiled with copper wire, treated on the design, then attached onto my showerhead & near the faucet outlets. I filled a glass of water from a water faucet in the other room, so he could not see what source I was getting the water from & set it on the counter.

The dowser held up his rod & walked toward the glass.

At about 7” the rods closed to indicate he had run into the edge of an energy field around the water. Then I pulled some out of the showerhead... same thing only this time the rods closed at 15”. I was amazed that this could change the water this much. Then I poured in some water out of a bottle that had been treated on the new WaterAlive design overnight & set it on the table. He began to walk slowly towards it. The rods closed at 31” thus we witnessed that the treated water had an energy field of a little under a yard!

He was somewhat mystified at what was happening… & asked me if we could continue the experiment & then explained that he wanted to repeat the test, & this time to see me draw the water with his own eyes. He wanted to make sure I wasn’t tricking him somehow. So I poured a glass of water, with him watching, from the same water faucet & set it directly under this early original version of the WaterAlive design I had hanging on the wall.

He timed it for 1 minute, then he tested it. It was 8”. Then we waited another minute & tested it again. It was 9”. Then we repeated this for awhile until we began to understand that the field seemed to be growing a steady inch a minute. He kept testing each minute and we watched the field grow an inch a minute after only a 1-2 minute exposure to the pattern. The field stopped growing at 31" & stayed there. We knew there was definitely something unusual going on!

Crystal Skull Conference

When I still lived in Sedona & the WaterAlive was still a new design, I went to a Crystal Skull Conference. I met a man there who designed these amazing geometric sculptures to use in your home. They were full of all kinds of transformational energies. He saw the Vibrakeys & asked me if he could take the WaterAlive with him that night & do some experiments with it. He said he had designed a tool that could dowse many more very subtle kinds of fields than the tradition dowsing rods could. He wanted to check out what kinds of fields these designs generated.

The next day he came back with excitement & enthusiastically exclaimed that they had HUGE energy fields & many many levels of fields could be measured. He said he placed the VK11 WaterAlive MasterKey against the wall on one side of the huge ballroom where the conference was. Then he walked across the whole ballroom, finding many layers of fields. He said the last field he was measuring ran into the wall & most likely would have kept going. He thought that some of the fields were as big as a football field, just to give me an idea of the size. He was very enthusiastic about the designs & encouraged me to keep creating.

Dowsing in Tennessee

Marimar & I were staying at his brother's house in the summer of 2006. His brother, a geologist, uses dowsing in his work. They were having fun measuring the Vibrakey fields. They would lay one down on one side of the room, then go way to the other side of the room. With the dowsing rods, he would walk toward each Vibrakey to see where the rods would open or close. Most of the Vibrakeys would open the rods at around 20 feet & stay open all the way to the Vibrakey. Some of them would close the rods at 20 feet. They found one that they couldn’t find the outer edge of the field. This was the small Rainbow WaterAlive card with a double WaterAlive design.

This puzzled Marimar, so later that afternoon, he went out into a big field with the dowsing rods & began to walk away from this little water treatment card. He walked over 150 feet. then turned & began his way back. At 111 feet it opened the rods. He continued walking & at 41 feet they closed and stayed closed the rest of the way to the design. We were amazed again! We figured that somehow this little design creates a huge torus or donut shaped field. To me that means that anything within that range with water in it will be treated.

Taste Testing

6 Hours to Fully Restructure

Any water that moves into the field of the restructured water will help itself to the patterns & restructure itself. I found that the water takes on the pattern instantaneously and it takes about 6 hours to fully restructure itself, even after the field has stopped growing. I leave it near the design all night & sometimes longer to ripen. It seems to get thicker, softer, sweeter & full of aliveness. People can feel it & taste the difference.

Water Machines

Living in Sedona, Az., I met a man, who had built a machine to run water through to create left hand or right hand spin water. Using Tesla technology, colored lights, UV, sacred geometry, metals, copper, gold, silver... It was a grand process to behold! He tasted & sensed into my water, looked at the design & concluded that my design did approximately the same type things to the water as his machine. We were amazed that water could be affected this way by just exposing it to a 2D pattern!

Snow Melt & Balanced Water

One day I met a Cherokee Elder who was working on some extensive humanitarian projects. When I shared about the design & asked if he would taste it, he said he had drunk the water from that same machine & it made him feel funny. He didn’t like it. He tasted the WaterAlive water. Then he said this water I had given him felt balanced & reminded him of snow melt: very pure. He said he would drink this.

Rainbow Water

An Apache brother was camping near Spring Creek where we were staying. One day I was showing someone at his camp my WaterAlive design & explaining the Vibrakeys. He asked me if I was drinking the spring water? I told him I thought it wasn’t safe to drink due to livestock upstream. He told me that he could see colors around things & that the funny water that I always carried around with me had the same colors as the natural artisian springs that we were standing by. He went on to say that the town water had lost all its rainbows. I showed him how I would tuck a WaterAlive design into the water carrier & how it was constantly treating my water. We both agreed that somehow this had restored the rainbows to my water.

WaterAlive & Healing

Healing Earth’s Water Systems

I heard a story of a woman who was visiting a friend who lived near a polluted river that was brown, dirty & had had no wildlife on it for as many years as her friend could remember. While she was visiting she treated a crystal with some kind of water enhancer (not WaterAlive), then threw it into the river. Six weeks later after the woman had gone home, her friend called her & asked her what she had done & how? The river now had ducks on it!

My Name-My Remembering

This story gave me a very excited feeling, true or not. It reminded some part of me that I AM here to assist with healing Mother Earth’s life blood...our “Waters of Life.” My name Saleena means ocean waters (saline-salty water) & Ki’ means “from the womb of mother” energy, life force. I am so grateful I have been given such an effective key to help me help us to do this.

Water Spirits pass along the Frequencies

I have learned that everything on the earth has a living spirit & consciousness & some call these Devas. In communicating with the Water Devas or Water Spirits they share that they really like this pattern because it is makes the water more alive & reminds them of “home” frequency. They love the pattern it imparts to their waters & tell me that they will pass it on to any other Devas they pass along the way. In this way, if you treat a crystal with the design & place it into a body of water, eventually the whole body will recieve the new pattern.

Effects of the Frequencies

There may be some possible cleansing symptoms, ie. headaches as lower frequencies rise to higher frequencies in the body. Possibly a slight cold or flu-like symptoms. Some have found their energy levels increasing even to a state of nervousness until it integrates. These seem to be short lived & breathing deep always helps. A lot more rest or sleep is recommended, as the body changes are happening so rapidly. Any kind of supportive body or energy work assists in easing the uncomfartable symptoms during adjusting periods. The body is changing so rapidly, with or without the restructured water.

Wizard Merlin’s Advice

I was talking to a Master Wizard Merlin through a channel one day & was asking him questions about this WaterAlive. He advised me to “broaden my view” & understand that this water ‘frequency’ is more than I realize. He said there is the element of water in all things & not to limit myself in one narrow understanding of its value & use for the welfare of humanity.


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