Water Adventures

Welcome to our exploration of a most amazing substance in creation!

Vital Alive !! WATER !! Pure Clean

I have to confess that I am obsessed with water. I love water! The greatest part of my mission here on earth is to clean, heal & transform the waters, both inside you & everywhere in the earth system. Water is the most amazing substance in creation! No one really understands what water is & there is a tremendous amount of research being done searching for that answer.

Water is very popular right now.

The consciousness of the general public has opened up to embrace the idea of energized, restructured, pure clean water. Every form of treated & restructured water you can imagine is on the market now. They search for the most pristine sources to sell you. They spin, zap, charge, purify, add all kinds of things to it, in hopes to give you something unique. Some do it for profit, some because they must: it is part of an inner calling that drives them.

I encourage transformation; anything that responsibly brings
a healing & balancing to us & our Mother Earth.

We are unique here on Earth;
everything we do here affects all of creation in a very powerful way.

I envison with great passion, love & a joyous knowing
that we live in sustainable harmony together
as a vital thriving creative flourishing Garden of Paradise.

Some sources have shared that Earth will become the most unique & pristine location in all of creation to visit & that many beings from everywhere will desire to come here for the most diverse & beautiful “vacation” in all of creation. Like I said, water is one very important place to begin the transformation.


Since I love & respect Water so much there are a variety of Vibrakeys with many ways available to evolve & treat your water. I really believe the saying above, that if you transform your water, you will transform yourself & then the outer world transforms easily to align with your inner world. Water Light and Energy are all important creational elements. Here is a fun song that interplays those elements:

Water-Light-Energy Song

Water fills creation; water fills you & me, when we’re happy for no reason beautiful crystals fill our inner sea. Light fills creation, light fills you & me, when we live in blissful ecstasy, crystalline structures sparkle in you & me. Energy fills creation, energy fills you & me, when we share in passionate pleasure, powerful energy restores you & me. Flowing through our universe, as these energies transform you & me! Water fills creation. Light & energy fills you & me, when we live in blissful harmony, peaceful feelings calm our inner sea. Beautiful water, Sparkling light. Shining-flowing through our universe, as happiness & joy… as harmony & love… as ecstasy & bliss… as pleasure & peace… harmonize you & me! Written and sung by Saleena Ki

Many Ways to Treat your Water

Many Vibrakeys, Kits & Sets are available to create sweet, vital water with so much aliveness you can taste & feel the diference. There are many new water codes-frequencies being introduced by our higher dimensional friends in the last few years that are designed to evolve & increase the intelligence of our water.


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