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Oneness in Wholeness

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Welcome to the 5th Dimension; Age of Divinity & Oneness
Through the 9-9-9 Portal to a New Crystalline Age
Experience the New Crystal Matrix

This Vibrakey was created in the energies preceding & leading up to 2009-09-09, the day we entered the Crystalline Age, an age of growing Unity & higher brighter clearer energies & ideas. Welcome to the 5th Dimension! In the beginning phases of living in a 5th Dimensional Level, our awareness of or remembrance of our true Divinity & Oneness is becoming realized within us. Unity pervades our projected holographic reality. Love, joy, bliss & ecstasy are our natural feelings or state of being. divine Love is the place we assemble our reality from.
“All the beings of light are at your beck and call, making themselves available to assist you in your "homecoming". Come home, my beloved, come home! The fifth dimension is now awaiting your return." Quote from Telos Volume 1 Revelations of the New Lemuria by Aurelia Louise Jones.
It was Mary Magdalene that first shared with us that this is called Oneness in Wholeness. She was speaking of a certain cropcircle that appeared on 2009-08-09 in the crop fields on West Overton Hill in the UK. I feel this activation growing day by day, first within me & then in the reality around me. This Vibrakey offers many ways to support you through this next process of coming fully into our Divinity & Oneness.

CropCircle Activations & Library: Ascension Support

Within each cropcircle are many levels of design codes, geometries, frequencies & messages. Many are tuning in to ask what the messages are. There is much to learn from within each cropcircle. Learn to tune in & interact with them to receive more.

Emc2 “Fulfill the Coding”

Formula for moving through the 5 Levels-3 Phases of Reality Includes the fulfilled creation formula for E=mc2 & the conversation I had with the Source Creator aspect of myself to reveal this.

Divine Love’s Assemblage Point

This Vibrakey offers directions to learn to re-assemble your reality out of Divine Love.

Re-Set & Re-Sync

Connection to a Cosmic Place-Being who supports you to Re-set & Re-synchronize everything in your world to be in harmony with the greater whole.

The Re-sync & Re-Set Crop Circle is part of this design. It links us to a cosmic energy, a place, a being that when you tune into it... will draw from you all that is ready to be realigned. Then it sends the energies back to where they came from re-set in harmony with Creation, and re-sync-ed with the whole of life. Aligned with higher energies & purposes that are appropriate for that being or circumstance.

Codes from Greater Central Sun

Receive Higher Frequency Formulas for Living & for Creation from the Greater Central Sun & through the Stepping Suns to Earth.
This glyph contains new code streams from the Greater Central Sun, I call it Helios. These run through all the stepping-down suns and frequency stairs and brings these new codes to us on earth.

Connect with the Metatronic Full Spectrum Light & Rainbows

Metatronic Full Spectrum frequencies abound throughout this design. Just meditating into it can connect you with these brilliant new colors & tones. See Rainbow Adventures or Calling in the Rainbows for more on this.

Ambassador’s Gifts - BluWater & Codes for Higher Consciousness

Another gift is from our higher dimensional relatives, the Ambassadors; codes for a new frequency of abundance. One that flows in harmony with all creation.

New BluWater & Consciousness Codes from VK44

Includes a BluWater Crystal Matrix for imparting a higher intelligence into your water & you, since you are mostly water, along with Codes for higher consciousness. Included in the C-RA Rainbow Disc

New Crystal Seeding Activations

MaRi Magdalene & JeSu bring you the opportunity to receive a Crystal Seeding Activation along with a connection to a White Fire Activation bringing in Codes of Creation.
Offering new levels of Crystal Seeding codes that upgrade the Codes of Light in those serving within the grail bloodline. Working with MaRi Magdalene, JeSu & the Sirian Ahkus’ Ascension Project, better known as Higher Christ Consciousness & the Ascension. Touches the energies of Isis & her those who serve as Priestesses. Works with the Magi, Osirus & IAM Priest energies.

Time Travel Formulas

Design Elements

Butterfly Wing Scale Diatom

Original Image Source

I use this behind the whole design to bring in the energies of the new kind of hybrid butterfly being we are evolving into. To represent & support us with the imaginal cell’s transformative qualities. I love to think that the heart cell’s are similar to imaginal cells.
First of all the Arcturian Team, with Belees as the spokesman, encouraged me to work with them & to put together a series of crop circles & other symbols to create a “key” for Oneness. The last time we did this we created VK37 Sublime Health Sublime Health Project, so I was feeling excited & enthusiastic to do this. This was all in conjunction with the lightwork we have been doing preceding the 9-9-9 portal & a big shift they were saying was going to happen.
They had hinted that we would be doing another cropcircle project & had been inspiring me to put them in a special folder, waiting for the right moment to begin. When it was time to began, they gave me a list of all the crop circles they wanted to start with. Gradually some were added as I layered & fit them together. Each day there would be more lightwork & it would synchronize with the addition of another layer. Placing & turning & “clicking” into place just so….
1. 2009-07-19 Liddington Castle - UK

2. They had me use the C-RA Rainbow Disc from Higher Consciousness Kit Image C-RA small

3. 2009-07-14 Hinton-UK

4. 2009-07-14 Grey Wethers-Wiltshire-UK

5. 2009-07-25 South Field-Phase 2-UK

6. 2009-08-09 West Overton-UK

7. 2009-08-16 Tidcombe-UK

8. 2009-08-12 Wayland Smithy-UK

9. 2009-07-12 Switzerland- Like a Rose Window

10. 2009-08-29 Wayland Smithy-UK

11. E=mc2 Fulfilled

12. 2004-05-30 Ridgeway-UK

13. 1995 England Organic

I am so grateful when someone creates a diagram from the cropcircle, I know how laborious it can be to cut out every curve & twist of some of the more complex ones. I suppose I get the frequencies saturated by the time I am done with it.

Energetic Research

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Features of VK55

Ascension: support to release density
Codes: activate and make accessible information and coding within the Alta Major
Crystalline: crystalline-based bodies vs. carbon-based

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