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Dolphins informed me in 1997 that the key to moving out of duality and polarity where there is black and white, electric and magnetic, masculine and feminine, right and wrong, good and bad etc. is to start doing things in threes; Triads.

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The triad or triangle configuration is one of the strongest structures, in the example test of sitting an elephant on a tiny little four legged seat and it breaks where the elephant could sit on the same size three legged seat and it held strong. The triad is a very evolutionary moving configuration. We find that stagnation of energy can occur in polarized relationships, yes, even human relationships. The Omniverse will then bring in a third element to freshen the energy and get it moving. Use your imagination to figure what that could mean. This design brings in this kind of energy into your environment and for your Body-Mind-Spirit.
Meditating into the design may lead you to some amazing insights or spaces. To let go of your linear way of navigation; move straight into the heart. In the heart is EVERYTHING and EVERYWHERE in ALL CREATION! This is the Heart of Home.

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