2010 Triple Stargate Adventure Package

Join us in a triad sequence of Stargate Journeys; Adventures & Activations


You will Receive:

3 Recordings & 3 Digital Stargate Mandalas

10-10-10 Crystalline StarGate ONE

Galactic Graduation Adventure

We learn about Galactic Severance as it is time to take responsibility for our own Mother Earth. Explore the Stargate as the Mouth to Source - Touch the New Golden Codes from Beyond our Local Source.

11-11 Crystalline Stargate 2

BENEVOLENT Reconnection Adventure

Unhook from old Fear-Based Grid-Matrix - Reconnect to your purest BENEVOLENT Higher Self and BENEVOLENT Source - Experience the newest New Codes unpacking into our Reality - Travel through Sunís Portal.

Join us for a profound process of freeing ourselves from the last vestiges of the old fear-based matrix. The 11-11 Adventure offers us an opportunity to choose a major shift as we unhook from the old matrix and reconnect to a new level. We learn together about how to journey-travel into the omni-dimensions. Join with us as we link up in the new living grid & then journey into the StarGate together.

12-12 Pineal Stargate 3

Break Free! Adventure

Overview of 2010 Lightwork and how it changed our reality - Belees, the Arcturian leads us in a Activation to free ourselves from an ancient filter-quarantine. He says, ďItís your Stargate, take control of it and learn to use it.Ē Bonus ending we rerecorded where we visit a Crystal Temple and graduate from Architects of our new reality to the Builders of it. Wonderful Energy Exercise to remove the old and dawn the new.

Your Price:


Triple Stargate Adventure Package$66.00

For more information:

Crystalline Stargate Trilogy Art


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