Vibrakey Evolution

First Generation – Original Vibrakeys

Begin the history of the Vibrakeys in 1997. I was living in Sedona. Happily creating a form of art I called The Art of JuiceyLiving. I knew I was nearing the end of an epic creation phase resulting in 350 flowing pieces of art & a major healing transformation for me. I had a reading & was shown I would be doing a new kind of art.

My Vision

During the session I saw a multi-dimensional vision of the art that was to come. I saw a huge canvas stretching into the sky. I saw energy beams coming into it. I knew some parts of it was coming from far away places out in space, some out of the air & some out of the earth. Within it was spinning movements, rhythmic sounds, smells & colors I had never seen before … I didn’t know how I could create such a thing. I had an open relationship with angels & my guides. Having conversations occasionally with them when my veils were thin. They said to be patient & it would happen.

Crop Circles

In November of 1998 it began, after several activational events; a CropCircle Presentation & attending a Star Knowledge & UFO Conference. I hadn’t thought much about either of those things prior to that. I had been discovered by the “desert” dolphins who were helping me open up even more.

StarBand OutReach Council

When I first began the Vibrakeys, I was just beginning to wake up to & communicate with other higher dimensional beings who had so much to share. I knew there was a “council” who was advising me about the creation of the Vibrakeys. For the longest time I just called them the council, until one day a friend, Patricia Pereira, who wrote Songs of the Arcturians, asked me to find out specifically who they were. So I asked & received a name & understanding of who they are. They told me to call them the StarBand OutReach Council.

Pen and Ink

In the beginning Vibrakey designs were all Black & White pen & ink line drawings. Simple yet complex. Then at VK04 Masculine Power a tiny bit of color crept in with a watercolor marker. By VK11 WaterAlive MasterKey more colors emerged & by VK14 Genetic Feast I added gold, silver & copper metallic gel pens. I had never created anything like these before in my life! I could feel the energies in them & so could my friends. I was intrigued by the whole process unfolding.

Making Vibrakeys

I copied the originals with a color copier & wrote the backs by hand, then laminated them so they could be shared & used as tools. People really liked them & were intrigued by them because they could feel so much energy radiating from them. Everyone of them has such an amazing story about their creation & purpose. You will find those in the individual Vibrakey web pages & on the backs & in the guides & manuals.


So many beautiful people made requests & gave me ideas at first. Gradually, they began to light up with more dimensions & color. I began using colored pencils, crayons, then dots on paper. I went through a period of studying Aboriginal art & went into dot mania; dotting everything you can imagine from my journal covers to a Vibrakey: VK18 Kundalini Rising! I tried to bring in more light but it wasn’t easy with the mediums I was using. VK19 Codons - DNA was begun while still in Sedona, before I moved to the Big Island, Hawaii.

Second Generation - Black and White Vibrakeys

In 1999, I moved to Big Island of Hawaii. I was drawn here by the dolphins & Pele, the volcano Goddess of fire & transformation. I started a new relationship & sometime around 2001, I got a computer.

Digital Vibrakeys

I began to learn Photoshop & found the excitement of the digital world of light. I scanned all the Vibrakeys I had already created & they became digital files. I began to bring more dimension into them, learning how to use digital mediums like airbrush.


Then I was guided to invert the colors & mirror image each one. The results are the “Reversals” of Vibrakeys 1-10. See Design Reversals for more on these.

VK01 Original VK01 Reversal


While they were all finished on the computer, many Vibrakeys still started on paper. With AVK23 Natural Time I started using photos of dolphins & collages, then I painted one as a 3x3 foot soul portrait.

Third Generation - Classic Vibrakeys

Next I found I could now boost the brightness & light them up! I added dimension & color to the first 10 & began to create the next generation we now call the Classic Vibrakeys.

Bringing in More Color

They were beginning to look more like I could see in the visions I was having of them. VK20 LightBody Bliss was hand drawn with colored pencils on black paper, then scanned in to finish.

VK21 Flower of Eternal Life - Venus was co-created after I had a vision of 4 butterflies flying through space, carrying a large golden Flower of Life between them. Underneath them was a beautiful nebulae. Then I was shown how my sister would help me create this Vibrakey. I shared the vision & she accepted the invitation. She began with meditation & photographs of red tulips & a shiny lawn ball & built the first part of VK21.

My partner helped me organize them into a more professional business & we created computer written backs. I bought all my own equipment & was able to create a much clearer reproduction, much truer to the colors of the creations I had made when I printed them myself. We developed a website to present them. A new generation of Vibrakeys had been born.

The Fire

All of them went through a big fire in 2003. I fished them out of the ashes all soggy burnt & lumped together, with severe smoke damage. I was stunned & angry! Crying & dazed, I was determined to save them, so I worked for days un-sticking them, agonizing over every lost part, cleaning & drying in the sun & with a blow dryer, restoring them best I could. All I could think about was “Why Me? Why could such a thing happen?” Luckily, I had saved my computer & I had digital files. That is why they still exist today.

My Mission

I was so discouraged & going through a major life change. That was when I went through a real soul search to see if I was going to continue. I would have to start all over. I entertained letting them go & moving on to something else. I realized they were my mission. & they were way ahead of the energies & understandings of this world yet. I knew they were being given to us to help us change. So I recommitted myself to the process & I poured everything I had into restoring them & keeping us going. I couldn’t seem to do much else.

Fourth Generation – Current Vibrakeys

I have been learning new levels of skill to bring more & more light & energy into the designs.

An upgrade of all the existing Vibrakeys began in 2006 and continues today. Many of the first ten had the original and reversal combined into one key, making the double wide Vibrakeys. Each of the others received some kind of upgrade to the pattern and the energies.

More Coming all the Time...

And today, many new keys are now gestating in the Birthing Chamber. Home
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