LightWork-Play Projects

"Everything you each do counts"
Belees the Arcturian

Fun OmniD Things To Do

These are projects that are designed to help bring about change & co-create a new reality

You can work with your own personal reality or the bigger consensus reality. Practicing these higher vibrational skills & using these technologies will give you ways you can assist in creating a new way of life & new way to live together on earth. We are also opening the doors to move into a bigger family circle as our veils thin & our consciousness rises. As we are ready our galactic star families step forward & we begin to remember who we really are.

Our LightWork-Play Projects

Many useful techniques, tools and links to help you upgrade the quality of your life and raise your vibration to be more receptive and perceptive of the higher dimensions: Useful Techniques & Tools & Links.
You can find our latest projects at Learning Adventures.

Host Project
Restoring the Veil of ISIS-Venus & Earth Reconnection
Sophia's Rainbow Earth-Venus Meditation
8-8 Lifting Mother Earth
Sublime Health Project
Peace Summit
Coalition for New Life and Civilization Xopiltletaluau

LightWork-Play Projects

Author Project
Celia Fenn
Kalei & Reynolds
Lanny Sinkin
Noosphere Forum Rainbow Bridge 2012 Event Creating the Noosphere
Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

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