Design Reversals

As she was upgrading the designs of Vibrakeys 1 to 10 in early 2001, Saleena Kí was inspired to experiment with creating negative and mirror images of each one.  The results are the “Reversals” of Vibrakeys 1-10.

VK01 Original VK01 Reversal

To Use

These reversals have opened up a whole new dimension to play and experiment with, for when you place the original and the reversal together, they link up and create a whole new level of energy and patterns to offer all your bodies. When linked together or placed in certain positions around the space you are working in, combined Vibrakeys can create new fields of energy or energetic grids.

Experiment by placing them side by side, top to top, side to bottom, or bottom to bottom, etc. Trust yourself to know when it is just right for you in the moment.  You can add others to increase and expand the grids or fields. Changing the position of any one relative to the others will change the energy field. You can use them to enhance your own healing practices or meditations, or to set up a specific space for a client or for gatherings. 

What They Represent

Whether the “original” or “reversal”, the Vibrakey with the greater amount of black or darkness to it tends to represent the female aspect of a pair, while that with more white or lightness represents the male aspect. Darkness / The Void represents the Womb, the most feminine space, into which Light, the masculine penetrating energy, comes to co-create.

Thus, if you are more attracted to a dark version, your body is desiring interaction with the female aspect of what, in you, the Vibrakey represents. Or if you find yourself repulsed by a light version, this indicates a desire for healing with the masculine aspect of what, in you, the Vibrakey represents. Home
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