Which Vibrakeys Might Serve Me?

The following list may also remind you of things you desire to work with in your


For those who have a Theme you are already working with this guide will help you


which Vibrakeys will relate to & support this theme. For those who are unsure, it gives you an opportunity to


your own evolutionary process might take.

Each Vibrakey Gallery includes more information & stories about how any Vibrakey may be of assistance.


It is our belief that Prime Source Creator has given us all we need to heal & evolve ourselves right here on earth. Please INTEND TO BE GUIDED to everything you need & to the Vibrakeys that will work for you. Then you can arrange them in combinations that are powerful and really work for you.

How do you know if they will work for you?

We don't know and can't promise that that we do. We only ask that you check in to see if our Vibrakeys are resonant with you. We encourage you to use your own inner guidance & knowingness to determine which Vibrakeys are appropriate for you to be working with in any given moment. There are a range of techniques for checking, from your attraction to them to dowsing or muscle testing. For more see Testing WaterAlive.

We make no actual claims that Vibrakeys
will physically heal or cure physical, mental or emotional diseases.

Remember we only work with FREQUENCIES
& do not diagnose nor treat disease or illness.

Symptoms only indicate underlying patterns that generate frequencies. Frequencies are what brings things into form, so we believe that if you remove or neutralize the negative belief; patterns causing a weak or negative frequency pattern, the miraculous body will heal itself & symptoms may quickly disappear. If it is a genetic or hereditary pattern it can take longer.

Here in this guide we are simply REPORTING EFFECTS that we have noticed & other people have reported while interacting with Vibrakeys. If you are experiencing intense physical, mental or emotional challenges we strongly recommend that you consult an appropriate licensed health care practitioner, someone you trust to assist you.

Guides and Lists You Can Use

There are several ways to get an idea of what Vibrakeys will be useful to you:
VK Summaries provides a thumbnail description of each Vibrakey, Kit, and Set.

The Omniverse Glossary provides an alphabetical list of effects, with links to the relevant Vibrakeys.

Omniverse Themes groups the Vibrakeys by major themes.

The VK00 12 Years of Vibrakeys poster has thumbnails of all the Vibrakeys.


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