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Messages from Our NEW Universe Blog


Date Title
2015-06-23 Where is Saleena & What is Happening with this Blog? 
2014-10-21 Gifting Vibrakeys to Dr. Masaru Emoto 
2014-05-17 Energetically New – SpinningStarS 2014-05-17 Update 
2014-03-22 Earth & Energy SpinningStarS 2014-03-22 Update 
2014-03-02 Connecting to the Heart of Creation 
2013-10-26 Solar Interconnectedness – Sun-Sol eNewz Update 
2013-10-22 2013 Energy Report – New Creation3 – What Will We Create in It? 
2013-08-04 Press Release: Software Cosmos – Read Hugh Matlock’s New Essay 
2013-04-10 It is HERE NOW In YOU 
2013-03-26 NEW HUMAN Has Arrived with TRUE POWER! SS eNewZ Update 
2013-03-23 Hacker’s Mindset-Happy & Healthy 
2013-02-26 2013 As We Shape & Form or Forgiveness & Love is a REALLY Smart Strategy 
2013-01-30 2013 – Time for ADVENTURE – SIT & SMILE – PLAY 
2012-11-07 Election Day – Our Most Significant Votes for Our New Reality-New Earth-New Lives Continue 
2012-10-13 What the Heck has been Happening to our Hearts? Time to Clear the Decks? 
2012-08-18 Choose Peace Now – Introducing Peace Keyper – Michael White 
2012-07-08 X-Class: Super Charged or Zapped & World Disclosure Day-Exopolitics 
2012-07-06 Our World is Changing Very Quickly – Be LOVE – Help with BIG Energetic Clearing-Sun Music 
2012-06-29 There is a SHIFT We ALL Must Make-We ALL Know How-The Key is in Our Heart 
2012-06-04 Venus Transit – HUGE Transition! Eclipses-Portals-Alignments-Opportunities-Reboots 
2012-03-21 Hang IN-Hang ON! We Are Almost HOME! 
2012-03-15 Toisheeba’s Message of Love: Prepare Yourself-No Turning Back 
2012-02-29 Belees Sharing about 2012 Events & Energy & Saleena’s Update 
2011-11-09 11-11-11 Transmissions of Light & Sound – Hathor’s Gift 
2011-09-28 We Are Moving – Our Life is Changing – Hawaii Paradise Story – Sale Items 
2011-09-26 EARTH CHANGES ARE HERE NOW – Pleiadian Message thru James Gilliland 
2011-09-23 Doomsday Comet Elenin Goes Out With A Whimper? 
2011-09-19 Our Ultimate Reality – Review of Where We Are & Possible Solutions 
2011-09-18 “Assume the Feeling of the Wish Fulfilled.” Texas Fires Create Opportunity to Work Together 
2011-09-11 Resolve 9-11 Inside – Time to Give Ourselves Peace & Harmony 
2011-09-07 Saleena’s Earth Life Energy Report – Journal & Creativity – New Vibrakey 
2011-09-06 Which Reality Will You Choose to Create? 
2011-09-05 Being Brave – Doing Something Different 
2011-09-04 NEW HOME – The Little Girl from the Stars 
2011-08-30 Cosmic Event Calendar & Perspective – Paradise Earth Reified – Message from Elenin 
2011-08-27 Cats & Dogs – Who Are They Really??? 
2011-08-21 The Quickening Might Be Quicker Than You Have Imagined 
2011-08-19 August Intensity – Am I Crazy – Losing It – About to Die or is it “just” a Retrograde? 
2011-08-19 Exopolitics Institute – Offerings 
2011-08-18 Exopolitics 101 – UFOs – Are they Alien or Government? 
2011-08-16 Heart Healing Miracle – Let’s Make this Our New Reality 
2011-08-14 Magical Synchronicity 
2011-08-10 Beauty & Beasties of ALL the Changes – Our Ascension Dance – Strong Sun Activity 
2011-08-08 Anchor Into Your Core Star – 8:8:11 Lion’s Gate Channeling & Transmission 
2011-08-08 Explore the 8-8 Sirian Lion’s Gate 
2011-07-31 POWERFUL AUGUST & NEW MOON on July 30 & 31 
2011-07-30 Live in PARADISE EARTH NOW – August Cosmic Events – Guided Journey & Free Gift 
2011-07-24 She-rier-stra from Library Planet – Agar – Visits Another Library Planet – Earth 
2011-07-18 Visit to Library Planet – Sharing Ideas to Shape Life on New Paradise Earth 
2011-07-14 Full Moon Planetary Meditation – Clearing Sham Spirituality & Water – Kogi Wisdom 
2011-07-14 Full Moon Power – Cancer Sun – Capricorn Moon 
2011-07-12 Ascension Support: Joy Seeps In…Touch Your BENEVOLENT Higher Self 
2011-07-01 Exopolitics – UFO is of the Past – Disclosure is the Future – Truth Campaign Creates New Reality 
2011-06-30 Triple Eclipse Sandwich – July 1st New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse – Most Intense Yet 
2011-06-21 You Are the Inviter 
2011-06-18 Phase 4 – Silvery Gift from Source Enlivens Paradise Earth – Belees’ Message – Our New Universe Birthing Again 
2011-06-17 Belees’ Message – 20 Days – Tactical Movements – Earth Movements 
2011-06-16 Destruction & Creation – Can you Hold Both? 
2011-06-15 Volcanic Lunar Eclipse – First Photos 
2011-06-15 Total Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Today – June 15-2011 – Rainbow Heart – Meltdown 
2011-06-13 Phase 3: Growing the Cosmic Wave Filter – Visiting Paradise Earth 
2011-06-12 Multidimensional Alchemist Emerges – Colin's Interview with the Team 
2011-06-10 Phase 2 – Timeline Jumping – Mixing a New Essence to Create Cosmic Wave Filter 
2011-06-08 Cosmic Wave Arriving 18-19-20-21- Magnified Solstice Opportunity – Sophia’s Message – Phase 1 
2011-06-07 Magnificent Solar Flare 07-07-2011 at 7:00am 
2011-06-07 June’s Transformational Eclipse Cycle 
2011-06-03 What if I can channel myself: my God-Self? 
2011-06-02 The Magi Appears 
2011-06-02 An Interview with Inelia Benz 
2011-06-02 The June edition of The Magic of Being 
2011-06-01 Rapture in a New Way – Planetary – Energy Reports – June – July 2011 
2011-05-30 4 Planets plus our Moon Align 
2011-05-30 Breakdown & Make Room for the New 
2011-05-29 Power House Alignments Affect Self & Relationships 
2011-05-21 This Revolution MUST Happen! Choose a NEW REALITY! 
2011-05-21 Part 2 – Meeting the New Essence of Money & Fair Exchange – Omni-D Travel Adventure 
2011-05-20 Part 1 – Meet & Align with the New Essence of Money & Fair Exchange 
2011-05-15 Wesak & Inception – The Genesis of Life 
2011-05-10 A Better World WE can Build Together in Triumph… 
2011-05-09 Graduation to Love 
2011-05-05 Message from a Humpback Whale through Tristan 
2011-05-05 Do you feel cold? My coat I give you. 
2011-05-03 9-11 – How Deep Does the Tangled Truth Lie Under the Rubble? 
2011-04-29 In-Between What? Where? Who? How? When EVERYTHING is Changing 
2011-04-22 CREATIVE CELEBRATION – Mother Earth Day – Gratitude Dance! 
2011-04-21 Meet your Teachers – Radiation is Light – Raise your Vibration to the Speed of Light! 
2011-04-20 Meet Your 5th Dimensional Self 
2011-04-19 Tristan’s Adventures as a Lightflyer – Creating a New Earth 
2011-04-16 Empower Yourself to Protect and Heal Yourself 
2011-04-15 Violet Flame of 1 
2011-04-15 Stay Strong – Imagine Foreclosure Solutions in a Space of Love 
2011-04-14 Divine Harmony & Cosmic Order 
2011-04-10 Why I Love Creating Medicines of Light 
2011-04-06 Dear Woman I Apologize… 
2011-04-02 Light & Dark that Changes Us -Rainbow Union 
2011-04-01 Water Prayer & Nu-Clear Energies – Omni-D Travel Adventure 
2011-03-31 Ho’oponopono to Heal You and Medicine of Light for the Water – Participate 
2011-03-30 You Are Being Deceived; Why WE Don’t Have Free Energy Devices Yet 
2011-03-27 Wayseer Wayshower Show The Way Know The Way Be The Way 
2011-03-19 We are IN the EYE of the Portal NOW – Birthing Gateway 
2011-03-18 Create your Own Medicines of Light 
2011-03-18 Superfluidity ~ Love Mail in the Dark 
2011-03-18 One day in the future you will look back… SaLuSa the Sirian 
2011-03-16 Inspiring Letter from Tokyo 
2011-03-14 Deadly Bargain: Impact of 9.0 Earthquake-Tsunami on Japan’s Nuclear Reactors – Protect Yourself from Radiation Now! 
2011-03-08 GO American Revolution! How I Got to Madison Wisconsin …a letter from Michael Moore 
2011-03-06 Belees and the Arcturians 
2011-03-05 Red Dragon is Gone – Room to Birth New Earth Wide Open Now 
2011-03-02 World Freedom Day-Declaration of Human Freedom with Omni-Dimensional Options 
2011-03-01 Revolution of Consciousness – Astrological Energies 
2011-02-24 Intercontinental Solidarity – Support from All Over the World with ARMS WIDE OPEN! 
2011-02-17 FULL MOON UPDATE & Mother Earth Global Healing 
2011-02-17 Join the Planetary Wave of Peace 
2011-02-17 Let’s Co-Create & Celebrate Freedom! 
2011-02-14 Bathe in the Waves of Scrumptuous Love-a-liscious & Solar Energies 
2011-02-12 The Micro & the Macro: Part 2: What Can the Tunisian & Egyptian People’s Actions Tell Us About ALL OUR LIVES?” 
2011-02-12 The Micro & the Macro: Part 1: “What is Happening on Earth and Throughout our Solar System at this Critical Time in Galactic History?” 
2011-02-11 What is Growing in Our New Earth Garden? New Body-Minds & New Courageous Actions 
2011-02-03 How Far Down the Rabbit Hole are You Willing to go to Find Truth? 
2011-02-01 New Moon – Year of the Rabbit – Candlemas – Light a Candle 
2011-02-01 Ready or not - here comes the next big wave: Timeshift 2011 – Potent New Moon 
2011-02-01 Strolling Creation – Phase Shifting – Trans-Portals – Reassembling – Reconnection 
2011-01-31 Phase Shifting – Trans-Portals & Violence in “Hot Spots” Around the World 
2011-01-30 Magnetics and Birds 
2011-01-30 Charging Your KA Body with Solar Wind – Hathors Message 
2011-01-30 A Conversation with the Alchemist 
2011-01-26 World in Two Phases – People Power is Very Potent – Time to Contribute Consciously 
2011-01-21 Platinum Cosmic Light Activation Update 
2011-01-21 The “Birds & Bees” of New Earth Living: Magnetic Pole 
2011-01-19 “There is a Golden Star Activation” Jan 23rd – 2011 – Invitation 
2011-01-19 Touching you from the Depths of my Heart – 1 Year Anniversary for Blog – What Are We Creating Next? 
2011-01-18 Humanity’s Anthem – Together We Change Our World Reality – Power of Storytellers 
2011-01-14 A Call to Love – Express Divine Love 
2011-01-14 Multi Universal Cosmic Fire about to Sweep the Earth – Full Moon Activation 
2011-01-08 Sungazing & the Heart; Nourishing with Light 
2011-01-07 Jan 4th Solar Eclipse Photos & Interview – Estaryia Venus & Brian Sandy 
2011-01-05 WELCOME 2011 Can You FEEL the NEW ENERGY? Rebirth Humanity 
2011-01-04 Jan 4th 2011 Partial Solar Eclipse Photos 
2011-01-03 Jan 4th 2011 – New Moon Solar Eclipse – Meteor Showers – USA Astrology – Accentuate the Positive 
2011-01-03 Solar Eclipse Alignment – Sirius Connection Jan 4th 2011 
2011-01-01 Welcome 2011 with More Child-Like Wonder Awe & Curiosity – New Flavors Emerge 
2010-12-23 Awakening and 2012 – introducing Maika Suneagle 
2010-12-21 Solstice OMM Wave – Use These Energies as We ENTER 2011 
2010-12-20 Comparing 12-21-2010 & 12-21-2012 Is This What We Have Been Waiting For? 
2010-12-19 Let’s Co-Create a Bright Light Wave of Love in the Living Grid 12-20-21-22 – Belees 
2010-12-19 Winter Solstice – Sacred Union Initiation – Webcast Invitation 
2010-12-18 Astrological-Energetic Report of Lunar Eclipse-Winter Solstice-2012 
2010-12-18 RARE FULL BLUE MOON Total LUNAR ECLIPSE Dec 20-21 Ushers in Winter Solstice 
2010-12-14 After 12-12 – Integrating New Levels of Light – Being 5D – Arcturians – Pineal Gland 
2010-12-12 Give a Meaningful Gift and Receive a Free Gift 
2010-12-12 Belees the Arcturian’s Message -Stargate Pineal – It is Yours Take Control and Use It! 
2010-12-11 Break Free – Third in Series of Triple Stargates Assist Us Out of Quarantine – SpinningStarS Update 
2010-12-11 12-12 Stargate 3 Journey – Pineal Gland Activation – Message from Suzanna 
2010-12-11 Have some Fun…Are you Having Fun? Wonderous Delightful Gifts of De-Light-en UP! 
2010-12-06 Happy New Moon & December Cosmic Events 
2010-12-04 Can You See Past the Flies? “New Energy” Report in the Chaotic Node 
2010-12-03 12-12 Stargate3 Adventure – Break Free Emerging HOMO LUMINOUS – Last 2010 Webinar 
2010-12-01 Plant your Dream Seeds 
2010-11-30 Fast Forward – Total Lunar Eclipse – Winter Solstice – Star Maps 
2010-11-27 Joy in the Waters as Ecstatic Dolphins Spin New DNA Matrix 
2010-11-21 POTENT PEACOCK FULL BLUE MOON Associated with Pleiades 
2010-11-16 11-11 Follow-up; Living Abundance – Clear the Cache – Being Clear 
2010-11-10 Saleena Ki’s 11-11 Energy Update Report & SpinningStarS eNewz 
2010-11-08 11-11 Super Shift Wave of Love – Benevolent Re-Connection in the Living Grid 
2010-11-07 What is BENEVOLENT RE-Connection; What is in it for YOU? 
2010-11-05 11-11 Crystalline Masters & Akashic Records of Creation 
2010-10-29 11-11 Stargate Travel Adventure – Benevolent Re-Connection – Webinar Recording 
2010-10-29 11-11 Stargate Frequency Mandala – Help Co-Create It – Transformational Art Offer – Special Price with 11-11 Travel Adventure Registration 
2010-10-26 What is a Chaotic Node; Parallel Realities & Universes & How Do We Navigate Them? 
2010-10-26 Can You See the Divine? 
2010-10-17 10-10-10 Followup – Invitation from FTTCC – Belees 
2010-10-15 Halls of Amenti-Final Instructions 
2010-10-15 Activate the Pineal – Crystal Palace Within & Open the Halls of Amenti 
2010-10-09 10-10-10 Triple Crystalline Portal & Stargate Opening – Energies & Insights 
2010-10-09 10-10-10 Connecting Support Systems of Enlightenment with QuanYin 
2010-10-08 10-10-10 Crystalline Wave of Love – Free Meditation 
2010-10-08 10-10-10 Stargate Mandala – Special Offer with Recording 
2010-10-07 Super Consciousness & Crystalline Grid; Children of the Sun 
2010-10-05 Venus’ Death & Rebirth – Into the Spiral 
2010-10-05 10-10-10 Assist 13 White Whales of Peace to Anchor a Temple of Peace 
2010-10-05 10-10-10 Portal – Opening of the Crystalline Portals of the Oceans 
2010-10-05 10-10-10 Crystalline StarGate Adventure Tele-Seminar Invitation 
2010-10-03 10-10-10 – Heart Weaving with my 33 Councils – Colin 
2010-10-03 10-10-10 Crystalline StarGate Adventure Teleconference Invitation 
2010-10-03 10-10-10 Galactic Severance: Graduation Time – Founders Invitation – Marimar 
2010-10-02 10-10-10 StarGate – Message-Invitation from Council of ONE through Suzanna Kennedy 
2010-10-01 We Are Invited to Become Time Line Jumpers: Hathor Message 
2010-09-26 Being Green Connects our Heart to Mother Earth 
2010-09-25 Sun Feeds Earth Particles; Magnetic Portal 
2010-09-24 Two Earths Forming – Which will you Choose? 
2010-09-22 International Day of Peace & PeaceWeek; Live it Everyday! 
2010-09-22 What Can One Little Person Do? 
2010-09-20 First Awakening; Now Becoming; Autumn Equinox-Full Moon Sept 2010 
2010-09-20 Hiding the Truth in Plain Sight: Extraterrestrial Visitations 
2010-09-17 Founders Weave a Story; Xopiltletalaua; Peace Council; Peace Summit; New Earth Sanctuary 
2010-09-16 Virtual Peace Summit; Recordings Available 
2010-09-14 All Proceeds Well to Achieve the Intended Result at the End Times… SaLuSa the Sirian 
2010-09-12 Harmonic Potential – Alchemy of Transformation – 5th Cosmic Wave 
2010-09-11 Life as You Know it is Ending – There is Something Far Greater Emerging 
2010-09-08 Contact Happening Now – Belees – 9-9 Message 1 
2010-09-08 You Create Paradise Earth – Serapis Bey – 9-9 Message 2 
2010-09-07 Return to Super Consciousness – Grid Transmission – New Moon 
2010-09-07 SEEDS 
2010-09-06 Plant your Seeds: Message from the Council of OM 
2010-08-31 Celebrate What’s Right with the World 
2010-08-29 9-9 Planting our Paradise Garden of the New Earth-Invitation 
2010-08-25 Thunderbolts of the Gods – E..X..P..A..N..D your Perception 
2010-08-22 Omni-Dimensional Travel Adventures & How They Are Birthed 
2010-08-22 Super Electron; Hall of Records & Cosmic Ray of InterGalactic Service 
2010-08-22 True Nature of Our Sun; Take Full Advantage of Its Gifts 
2010-08-21 Our Sun; Helios & Vesta; Cosmic Rays; Great Central Sun & some Nature Devas Wisdom 
2010-08-21 Mother Earth’s Chakras 
2010-08-20 Retros “Re” Do-Visit-Think-Examine-Cuperate with Virgo: August 19-25 
2010-08-20 2010 Grand Cardinal T-Cross; What Does it Mean? 
2010-08-16 Disclosure: Do You Believe They Are Hiding Technology From Us? 
2010-08-16 Antidotes: You Have the Right to Know the Power of Self Love 
2010-08-15 Omni-D Travel Adventure: Our Journey to the Sun’s New Healing Room to Create 
2010-08-14 What an Amazing Few Weeks! 
2010-08-14 Come Play & Create in the HEALING ROOM created by the SUN 
2010-08-14 Friday the 13th Morning Message Serapis Bey; Creators of the New World – It’s All Vibration 
2010-08-12 8-8 Lifting Mother Earth: Serapis Bey – Mt Shasta – OM Crystal – Sacred Marriage… 
2010-08-12 Speak UP: What Will YOU Create? Gulf Declaration to End the Era of OIL 
2010-08-11 I AM Willing to Release … Ask for Assistance; Angels & Nature 
2010-08-09 Bright Side of the Oil Gush 
2010-08-08 Atlantean OM Crystal & the Magic of Mt.Shasta 
2010-08-07 5-6-7-8-9-10…A Fine Moment to Start the Rest of Your Life… 
2010-08-07 10 Commandments of Mother Earth 
2010-08-07 Lion’s Gate is OPEN! ROAR the Invocation! 
2010-08-07 All Heaven Breaking Loose! Cardinal Cross; Solar Flares; Portals Cross Linking… 
2010-08-05 Belees’ Recipe: Add 1 Ancient Symbol. Stabilize. Observe Crop Circle. Relax. Ride the Waves. Lift the Earth 
2010-08-04 Unified Councils Unite for Us – First Time; New Energies – Collective MUST Wake UP! 
2010-08-03 There’s Only One of Us Here; CLEAR & CREATE August 5th-8th 
2010-08-03 Unity: Has Anything Shifted? Symptoms of a New World – Conscious Convergence Report 
2010-08-02 How to Participate; August Grand Cosmic Event: Amplify Your Lifting the Earth Imagination-Creation 
2010-08-01 Arcturians Share Perspective about the Gulf Oil Incident & More… 
2010-08-01 Rainbows Everywhere! Happiest Water I Have Ever Seen! Miracles in the Gulf 
2010-07-31 8-8 Teleconference Adventure Invitation: Lifting the Earth; Special Gift Activation from Council of OM 
2010-07-30 8-8 Wave of Love Lifts the Earth; Free Monthly Meditation 
2010-07-30 Message 3: Council of OM: Lift the Earth; Call to Action! 
2010-07-29 Message 2: Stabilize the Earth & Yourselves; Belees the Arcturian; Rainbows & Crop Circles 
2010-07-29 Message 1: Sacred Marriage & Aligning for a Grand Cosmic Event August 5th-8th: MaRi Magdalene 
2010-07-24 It’s Not Over Yet… Still Feeling the INTENSE Energies? So Many Events 
2010-07-23 Alchemy of Sacred Relationship 
2010-07-22 Mary Magdalene Day; July 22nd; Celebrate Living Mary 
2010-07-22 All This Unity & Light is Dramatically Stirring the Dark; Clearing the Masculine & Feminine 
2010-07-19 Visionary Dream of a Positive Future… Despite the Oil Spill 
2010-07-17 Wave of Unity Consciousness; Conscious Convergence Initiation 
2010-07-15 Stunning 2006 Eclipse Images & Music 
2010-07-14 Mayan 9th Wave of Unity Consciousness Convergence is in YOU! 
2010-07-13 Synchronicities 
2010-07-12 Here Comes the Sun… It’s Alright… Eclipse Photos 
2010-07-12 Open the Windows of the Mind: Activation of the Zeal Point 
2010-07-11 Healing the Father-SUN Relationship 
2010-07-10 Links for Live Solar Eclipse Online Chasing 
2010-07-10 Coming HOME to Your Life via the Eclipse Energies 
2010-07-10 Into the SUN… Invitation 
2010-07-10 More Understanding of Eclipses & Solar Flares 
2010-07-10 BETH’s Living Grid Alchemy…Co-Creating a New Earth 
2010-07-09 Solar Eclipse 11 July through Cosmic Ray of Solar Service 
2010-07-09 NEW MOON Sunday – 11 July 2010 – A DAY TO MEDITATE & MANIFEST 
2010-07-08 Universal Perspective – FUN! 
2010-07-07 Leap up Children of the Sun; Angelic Winged Ones; Sun Runners; Rainbow Warriors and other Luminous Ones! 
2010-07-06 Time to Celebrate the SUN – Song of the Sun 
2010-07-06 RAPTURE has BEGUN! 
2010-07-04 Why Walk When You Can Fly? 
2010-07-03 UFO ’seen zooming over eastern Australia’ 
2010-07-03 Surprise Me Deliciously…It’s My Birthday! 
2010-07-02 Arcturian Wisdom: Money as a Golden Veil 
2010-07-02 Message of Hope 
2010-07-02 OM Wave continues thru July 11th Eclipse & Grand Cross until August 5th 
2010-07-02 Hathor Message: Increasing Chaos-Intensity & Power to Change 
2010-07-01 7-7 SOL DANCING; Exploring our SUN – Teleconference Adventure 
2010-07-01 7-7 Sunny Warm Wave of Love in the Living Grid-Invitation 
2010-06-30 Children of the Sun & Moon – Maya Wisdom 
2010-06-29 Holographic Reality of the New Earth is Within YOU! 
2010-06-28 Subtle Activism – Communicating with the Invisible World of Nature 
2010-06-26 Eclipse in BETH; Weaving Everyone & Everything In 
2010-06-25 Grand Cross & GateWay of OM – Metatron 
2010-06-25 A Rare Opportunity; June 26th Lunar Eclipse 
2010-06-25 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse: Easy Understanding 
2010-06-25 Call of the Dolphins & Whales 
2010-06-25 Gulf Oil Disaster; Special 2 Hour Broadcast 
2010-06-25 Peace in the Water – Visual Prayer for Whales and Dolphins 
2010-06-25 As the Economics Crumble… What do I do? How do I Create Abundance? 
2010-06-24 The Child & The Egg 
2010-06-24 Earth is Alive; Stroke Her Skin… Let Her In… 
2010-06-23 June 26th Grand Cross Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 
2010-06-23 Monthly Global Healing Session for Mother Earth; Together We are Creating Miracles! 
2010-06-22 Magic & Mystery of Water 
2010-06-22 Water Prayer: Ho’ponopono 
2010-06-22 Let’s Quantum Leap Today! June 22nd 2010 
2010-06-22 Solstice Gift: Crop Circle 
2010-06-21 It Was Unimaginable Wonder… 
2010-06-20 Increasing Magnetics & Sacred Sexuality 
2010-06-19 Solstice Reconnection Completion; 12th Strand on to the 13th! 
2010-06-18 Wolves on Spring Equinox to Summer Solstice: What to Do To Make it Easier 
2010-06-18 Solstice of OM; OM Crystal of Shasta & Gateway of OM 
2010-06-11 Transmuting Environmental Toxicities of our World: Chemtrails: Problem & Solution 
2010-06-02 We made it thru May! Potentially More Awake & Alive… 
2010-06-02 May 31st Crop Circle – Belees Talks to Humanity 
2010-05-31 Turning Fear & Doubt to Light: Fake It ’til You Make it 
2010-05-30 Birth of a New Humanity – Drunvalo Melchizedek 
2010-05-27 Celebrate our Sun; 5 Day Transmission Update 
2010-05-26 6-6 Exploring Crystalline Creation; Teleconference Invitation 
2010-05-26 6-6 Green Wave of Love in the Living Grid 
2010-05-24 Monthly Global Healing Session for Mother Earth; Together We are Creating Miracles! 
2010-05-23 Conduit for Source: Full Moon Grid Transmission 
2010-05-23 5 Day Sun Transmission-Infusion from Source – Arcturian Message 
2010-05-23 Earth is in OUR Hands; Wake UP! We ARE EARTH! 
2010-05-21 Anastasia – Magical & Practical: Space of Love & Commune with & Co-create with Nature 
2010-05-12 Birth of a CoCreative Universal Human; Is that what we are doing? 
2010-05-12 Excitement & Manifestation 
2010-05-04 Wolf: Prelude: Beyond Time & Space 
2010-05-04 Omni-D Adventure with Wolves & Whales; Healing the Leak 
2010-05-03 Oil Spill: SOS Calling for Intervention of a Higher Order 
2010-05-03 5-5 Portal Day Invitation Update 
2010-05-03 5-5 Invitation & Return Journey with Sheaba to Meet Her Essences 
2010-05-01 Meeting the Siren Sheaba & her gifts of Pleasure & Creator Passion 
2010-04-30 How I Healed My Heart using Ho’oponopono 
2010-04-27 Transmuting & Transforming Anger: through Greater Allowance & Deeper Loving 
2010-04-27 You are the Negative: Redefining the Darkness Part II 
2010-04-26 You Are the Wonder Child of the Universe! Gaia Loves You Wonder Child… 
2010-04-25 “Consider this a Very Strange Dream & You will Awaken” Belees the Arcturian’s Message 
2010-04-25 Weary Unendingly Tired Raw Angry Strange Joyful Painful Ecstatic Disconnected Lost Almost Dead Nearly Resurrected Almost Enlightened etc… You Relate? 
2010-04-21 Dimensional Bridge: Mother Earth Birthing Something New 
2010-04-20 5-5 Wave of Love in the Living Grid & Teleconference Adventure 
2010-04-15 Floating in the New; Calibrating with Source 
2010-04-13 Assembly for Earth Councils -Message: Day7 Nuclear Weapons Summit; Please Vote – Create What you Desire -Story of a Bard 
2010-04-13 Assembly for Earth Councils - Message: Day6: Creational Computer Re-set 
2010-04-12 Our 4-4-Omni-D Travel Adventure Journey into Beth 
2010-04-05 Let Go of your Fear; Message from a 4-4 Journey 
2010-04-01 4-4 Human Thought can Literally Transform the Physical World 
2010-03-29 4-4 Invitation: Omni-Dimensional Travel Adventure Journey into the New Super Consciousness Living Grid 
2010-03-27 Invitation: New Super Consciousness Grid; Create a Unified Heart & Mind; Create the Reality We Desire Now 
2010-03-24 New Earth Grid; Higher Communications System: MaRi Magdalene 
2010-03-24 Assembling New Earth: Part 5 Lyran Song of Home 
2010-03-23 Assembly for Earth: Day4 Glimpse to Future Potential 
2010-03-22 Dancing into the Unknown for the Changes 
2010-03-20 Cosmic Trigger Meditation: Going Crystalline 
2010-03-19 Assembly for Earth: Day 3 New Potential Added 
2010-03-18 Assembly for Earth: Day 2 Sculpting the New Grid 
2010-03-17 Assembly for Earth: Day 1 
2010-03-17 EQUINOX GATEWAY 2010 
2010-03-15 United as ONE We Co-Create the Life-Reality We Desire 
2010-03-15 Raise your Vibration: Indulge in Gratitude & Appreciation! 
2010-03-01 Earthquakes & Tsunamis: Unified Efforts do Change our Reality 
2010-02-28 Most Benevolent Outcome; Thank you… 
2010-02-27 Re-defining the Darkness; Shift Reality 
2010-02-26 Haiti Part 5: Message from Mother GAIA: Haiti was not of Her Doing… 
2010-02-26 Creating Miracles for Mother Earth every Full Moon 
2010-02-25 Greatest Gift from the Light-Recycle your Energy 
2010-02-23 Here & Now; It is ALL THERE IS 
2010-02-16 Grand Creation & Super Changes-2009-2010 
2010-02-14 Spontaneous Atomic Valentine 
2010-02-12 Ecstatic States: Keys to our Thrival 
2010-02-10 We the Earth’s Sensitives: We Feel it ALL! 
2010-01-23 Haiti Part 4: Ease Hunger; Eat Consciously; Live with Awareness 
2010-01-22 Arcturian: New Universe Insights 
2010-01-21 Haiti Part 3: Our Omni-Dimensional Travel Adventure & Portal Lightwork in Leogane 
2010-01-21 Haiti Part 2: Higher Dimensional Cross Cultural Messages; Things to Do & Lightwork 
2010-01-20 Haiti Part 1: Cracking Open the World Heart with Love: Turning Crisis into Consciousness & Opportunity 
2010-01-20 Sublime Health & Arcturian Message from Belees to Humanity 
2010-01-08 Learning to Create our New World; Remembering Multi-dimensional Skills 
2010-01-06 Gift to Humanity from an Ascended Civilization 
2010-01-04 Birth of the Universal Child: New Year’s Day Adventure 
2010-01-04 We Really Are Making a Difference 
2010-01-03 Pele’s Message for 2010 We are ALL Ascending! 
2010-01-02 Shape our New Reality 
2009-12-31 2009 Countdown… Unhooked-Welcome 2010! 
2009-12-30 Download your New Reality 12-31-2009 to 01-14-2010 
2009-12-25 Portal of Love: Announcing the Birth of a New Universe! Home
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