What makes our Vibrakeys a unique product?

It is the energy, the vibrations, the frequencies we anchor into them at so very many levels. All during the co-creation process, there is an intention held that only the highest & most supportive energies be anchored in to support our ascension process.

My heart & soul aligns with higher creative forces to birth these keys. I partner with light & love to build these multi-layered, many dimensional art tools. I have the assistance of a variety of wonderfully loving & wise higher dimensional beings who work with me & influence & support the creation process.

The Environment

From the first idea & intention to create a Vibrakey along a certain theme path, to the actual production process, we are in a very highly tuned & energetic environment that keeps us all sparkling & connected to the highest sources possible. At times the information coming through is of such a high vibration I get sleepy & have to dive in a little at a time to finish. This is how I get to evolve. The higher the energy you encounter, the more your body-mind works to get to that frequency…. to return home.

High Quality Materials & Product Care

They are printed as a fine art print, using archival light fast inks which resist fading, supposedly for 200 years. The Vibrakeys haven’t lived long enough to test out that claim. Color management is handled so the are brilliant & true to the brilliance of the original design. It is best if you keep the Vibrakey out of direct sun & even reflected sun can take its toll on the original brilliance.


At this point in time, we produce them all “in house” by hand, with high quality control, in a very special environment; an energetic pyramid with the support of a very amazing organic ship, we call AtMan. Of course, there is always an alchemical set of Vibrakeys and Transformational Art clearing & energizing everything in my studio.

How to Tell if Vibrakeys are Working

If you were attracted to the Vibrakeys, they have something in them for you. Remember that working with one that you absolutely are repelled by or really don’t like may have an underlying gift in it. There are many levels they work on & with you; from emitting frequencies that your body reads & uses to change, all while you go about your day or night, to catalysts for exciting, engaging journeys & contact.

See Which VKs Serve Me? for the many ways to use them. You may be unaware of the subtle energies at work, as long as you have them in your space. The fields are fairly large & you can use the WaterAlive Single as a Laser Wand to boost their reach. Sometimes changing patterns can take some time. I find that when I am done with one, I no longer feel the attraction or repulsion & they become neutral. So I put them away & get out the ones that really excite me & place them around where I work & play or sleep. Gradually they all seem to come around again for me for another round.

Anchoring the Light & Energy

All the best master artists and architects intuitively know the importance of infusing their creations with light.

My passionate quest has been to learn to infuse as much light & love into the art design as possible. My greatest challenge has been to translate the exquisite lighting & colors I see in higher dimensions into this earthly form of 2D art with the current medium I have available.

I have asked for “teachers” to help me improve my abilities in this way. I have received help along the way & you can see the evolution of my designs in each Vibrakey's detail description Design Evolution section. My sister, Mary Angelico & I went through the Art of Light School. For several years I have had a Tirishian: an other dimensional being who is a master art teacher & guide. The improvement in my expression of light is noticeable. I am grateful.

Multi-Dimensional 2D Art

One time I was showing my art to a man who was very sure that 2D art ruined the effects that geometric structures were supposed to have. He loved making sculptures & models of his work. We laid one of my Vibrakeys on the table & continued talking.

All of a sudden he looked down at the Vibrakey & placed his hand over it. He had a very strange look on his face. Then he asked me if I knew that there were energies coming from these that connected to other places? I chuckled at that & assured him that this was very true. These Vibrakeys use the 2D form to anchor & transmit some very transforming frequencies. They do come from many different higher dimensional places.


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