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Explore, Enjoy, Learn about & Purchase highly activational vibrational art.

Introducing the Vibrakeys and the Artist who Creates Them Home - Home Page
What's New - What's New on the Vibrakey website
Introducing the Art - A description of what Vibrakeys are, and what they can do for you
A Word From the Artist - The artist Saleena Ki and her philosophy
Site Map - This page, describing site contents

Journeys & Specials

Special Prices and discounted offers on selected Vibrakeys

Triple Stargate - Latest special offer
Elixir of Liquid Love - Special offer


Pricing and formats for products

VK Prices & Formats - Formats that the Vibrakeys come in, with pricing


Each Generation of Vibrakeys has its own Gallery

Within a gallery, click on the thumbnails for a larger image, then click again on the image for a detailed description.

VK Gallery - The latest, fourth generation Vibrakeys
Birthing Gallery - Vibrakeys currently under development
VK Kits - Vibrakeys combined with instructions for particular projects
VK Sets - Sets of Vibrakeys sold together
Classic VK Gallery - Third generation "classic" Vibrakeys
B&W VK Gallery - Second generation "black & white" Vibrakeys
Original VK Gallery - First generation "original" Vibrakeys

Transformational Art

Transformational Art Galleries

Art Of Saleena Ki - Art of Saleena Ki website
Sensual Nature of Things - Sensual Nature of Things Art Prints
Water Art Gallery - WaterAlive designs used in Vibrakeys and Vibrakey kits
Light Language Art - Art infused with Codes, Glyphs and Light Language
Crop Circle Art - Art pieces inspired by Crop Circles and used in Vibrakeys
Transformational Art - Art that Transforms You and Your World

About Vibrakeys

The Herstory of the Vibrakeys and How to Use Them

Vibrakeys 101 - Introduction to Vibrakeys
VK Testimonials - Vibrakey Testimonials
Vibrakey Evolution - The development of the Vibrakeys through four generations
Design Reversals - The emergence of the second generation reversals
Birthing Chamber - How Vibrakeys are created
Our Unique Products - What is unique about the Vibrakeys and how and where they are made

Choosing Vibrakeys

Learn your Way around the Vibrakeys

Which VKs Serve Me? - How to choose what might work for you
VK Summaries - An alphabetical list of all Vibrakeys with short descriptions

Using Vibrakeys

Ways to Use the Vibrakeys

Getting Started - Ways to use the Vibrakeys
How to Do Readings - Using the Vibrakeys to obtain intuitive information
Energetic Grids - Combining Vibrakeys into grids
Displaying VKs - Ideas for how to display Vibrakeys

Saleena's Blogs

Saleena's various blogs

Vibrakeys Alive Blog - Vibrakey Specials, Stories, Adventures, Art Processes, Testimonials & More
Messages from Our NEW Universe - Index and Archive of the Messages from Our NEW Universe

News & Articles

Current Events, Articles & Archives of our e-NewZletters

Spinning-StarS & VK NewZ - Archive of Vibrakey news
Interviews & Articles - Interviews of Saleena & articles about the Vibrakeys

Themes & Glossary

Index to Vibrakeys and articles by keyword

Omniverse Themes - Vibrakeys and articles grouped by common themes
Omniverse Glossary - Vibrakeys listed by effect or function keyword

Water Portal

Vibrakeys for Water Treatment

Water Adventures - Introduction to use of Vibrakeys to treat water
Testing WaterAlive - Testing the WaterAlive Vibrakeys
Water Design Evolution - Development of the various Vibrakeys that treat water
Water Intelligence - Emergence of a new type of water


Techniques and Tools for Transformation

Learning Adventures - Adventures in learning new skills for hi-vibe living
Personal Transformation - Tools for Personal Transformation
Earth Transformation - Tools for Planetary and Cosmic Transformation

Hi-Vibe Living

Techniques and tools for high vibrational living

Hi-Vibe Living - Hi-Vibe Living tools
Home Energetics - Tools to enhance energies in the home


Ideas for transformative lightwork & lightplay

High-Dimension Contact - Tools for higher dimensional contact
Contact Team & Messages - Communications with higher dimensional beings
LightWork-Play Projects - Ongoing lightwork projects around the world
Energy Reports - Reports from around the web on the current "energy weather"


Details on our offerings and services

Sessions & Readings - Intuitive offerings from Saleena and Marimar
Session Testimonials - Testimonials for Sessions
Custom Soul Art - Personalized art based on Saleena's intuitive perception
Graphic Design - Graphic design for products, business cards, logos, and advertising
Donations - Why you might want to make a donation

My Other Websites

All My Creative Offerings - The OD Life of Saleena Ki
Art Of Saleena Ki - Art of Saleena Ki website
GardenSong Project - A unique website designed to ENHANCE and ENTICE you into CONSCIOUS CO-CREATION with Nature.
OmniD Travel Adventures - Join us for fun and exciting adventures in omni (all) dimensions. Experience new places, meet new beings, create new realities.

About Us

Saleena's Biography & How to Contact Us

Artistic Evolution - Introducing Saleena Ki, the artist
Contact Us - How to contact us by email or phone
Terms of Usage - How to use Vibrakey art and text on your site Home
What's New
Introducing the Art
A Word From the Artist
Site Map

Journeys & Specials

Triple Stargate
Elixir of Liquid Love


VK Prices & Formats


VK Gallery
Birthing Gallery
VK Kits
VK Sets
Classic VK Gallery
B&W VK Gallery
Original VK Gallery

Transformational Art

Art Of Saleena Ki
Sensual Nature of Things
Water Art Gallery
Light Language Art
Crop Circle Art
Transformational Art

About Vibrakeys

Vibrakeys 101
VK Testimonials
Vibrakey Evolution
Design Reversals
Birthing Chamber
Our Unique Products

Choosing Vibrakeys

Which VKs Serve Me?
VK Summaries

Using Vibrakeys

Getting Started
How to Do Readings
Energetic Grids
Displaying VKs