Getting Started with Vibrakeys

These Vibrational Keys are transformational tools, courtesy of many different cultures & beings that offer high frequency patterns for many levels of your being, for all aspects of your life: Spiritual, Emotional, Mental, & Physical. They act as bridges from the old to the new, maps to new places & spaces, keys & codes to turn on the new.

Vibrakeys present Pattern Packages

They operate in omni-dimensional ways that open us to the next & the next levels of vibration, thus offering us a new experience of consciousness. They are a powerful commitment for transformation! These will assist as you begin to open up to more of your multi-dimensional selves & participate in the co-creation of a new world, with new ways of higher vibrational living & perceiving.

Many Ways to Begin Using your New Vibrakeys

Vibrationally Transforming Art

Set them up as Art around your home or office & visually receive or absorb the new patterns easily. Where ever you spend a lot of time. They make great center pieces for the dinner table or great to stare at while talking on the phone.

Backs & Guides

The backs & guides are a wealth of ideas. Do the Ceremonies or Processes, Activations. Sing or Chant the Mantras & Sound Key Songs to receive the vibrations deeper into your Body-Mind.


Use them as amplifiers for Healing or Transforming yourself.

Supplement any Modality or Technique

When working with another in conjunction with other healing modalities, use them to set energies, support you, & channel energy & patterns into the session. Intuitively ask which ones to use, & place them around the area & client. Allow the client to choose which ones they want in the space for their session.


Use them to do a Reading on yourself or another. Use the information on the back, in the guide or on the website in the VK Gallery Details pages to support your transformation process & to show you more of what is going on inside.

Build Energetic Grid

Supportive Energetic Grids can be built by setting a clear intention in behalf of a theme or process you are going through, then link more than one together, by placing parts of the design together, touching, or aligning with others. This can be on the floor or posted on a wall. Set themes & bring energies into Altars or Sacred Space. Examples: Build one that reflects, supports & calls in the Divine Feminine into your room or gathering. For your relationship. For sacred sexuality. For coming into your own power. For harmony.

Journey or Meditation

Use them to link with your guides, dimensional selves, star families, or meet higher dimensional beings. Journeying into or meditating with any Vibrakey can be an amazing adventure. You can find your way to amazing places to explore. That is why I call them bridges, maps & keys!

Contact Higher Dimensional Beings

Great for opening us to make benevolent Contact with our Parallel Lives & other Star Beings throughout time & space, densities & dimensions.

Explore & Invent

Be courageous & bold to invent your own ways to use them. These are omni-(all) dimensional & open up into many many levels as you expand, there is always more to expereince & remember. They evolve as you do.

Many Levels

Vibrakeys work on a variety of dimensional levels depending on where your consciousness is & how you choose to engage them:

Level 1: Look at them. Place them around the spaces you live & work in. The patterns will begin to transform you even with an occasional glance. They radiate.

Level 2: Looking closer at them. Meditate into them; study the details; allow yourself to “fall into them” by softening you eyes & noticing what happens: (the dimensional aspects of them will begin to shift & you will see more…) this will begin a deeper energetic response in your body on many new levels. Make notes.

Level 3: Read the information on each Vibrakey back. Participate in the guided meditations, ceremonies, & processes. Chant the mantras, sing the songs. The melodies do not matter; the sound keys in the words bring in energy waves, & frequencies to assist in changing your patterns & frequencies, upgrading your reality. BodyMind loves raising its vibration.

Level 4: Practice your super-senses. Use your hands to explore the energy fields on, over & around the design. Lay your hands on the design, close your eyes & look inside to see how the energies may be affecting any other part of your body. Stay open and receptive to images or sensations that might arise.

Level 5: Ask your Higher Self or a Spirit Guide to give you new ideas of how to use Vibrakeys in the most effective ways for you, & set off on a new adventure in your personal journey of transformation & ascension.

Level 6: Remember Vibrakeys are very dimensional & layered, opening new levels as you evolve. Notice how you are drawn to them & when they become neutral. Place the ones you are drawn to the most & the ones that you feel resistance to around you & interact with them. When they are neutral, tuck them away. Check in once in awhile to see if your attractions have changed. I bring them out & rearrange them & put them away regularly. Seems they do come around again.

Above all HAVE FUN & PLAY with them, make up games with them, explore, create, learn, transform.

I am committed to support you to get the most out of your Vibrakeys. Feel free to email or call me with questions or experiences. If you need help choosing Vibrakeys, you can get a Vibrakey Reading. If you already have Vibrakeys, you can get a Personal Intuitive Reading to see how your Vibrakeys might serve you best with your current evolution process.

We also offer Transformative Sessions to further support your evolution. Contact Us for more information. Home
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