Displaying Vibrakeys

Personal Altars or Meditation Space

I find the Vibrakeys perfect to set up an energetic theme for myself in my own personal space. Sometimes it is as simple as 2-3 Vibrakeys with themes in harmony with what I am working on in my inner-personal work. I love using all the tools to reflect myself to myself. Adding K-SS Sacred Space Kit to the center of your personal or group altar can support the emotional environment. The K-EP Energetic Pyramid is a powerful way to create a dedicated space for meditation or creative practices.

Embodying the Pattern

Using the Chants or Mantras or Songs on the back of any Vibrakey is a powerful way to assist myself in embodying a particular new pattern I am desiring in my body or life. Studying the backs of the ones you are most attracted to and the ones you are most disturbed by, can lead you to know the ones that contain the patterns that your body, mind and spirit are most interested in integrating as part of your new reality.

As soon as you feel less interested in a particular “Key”, then it may be a signal that you have taken that vibration into your body and are complete with it for now. I find my interest and attraction for each of the different Vibrakeys shifting and changing often. As long as one is disturbing me, I feel there are deep gifts in continuing to work with that one until I feel neutral about it.

Hanging the Vibrakeys

I find that using clear or white push-pins with a binder clamp (cheap little black clamps with silver arms you can buy at an office supply store) I can place the Vibrakeys wherever I need them for viewing and grid building on walls. They leave such small holes in the wall (that can later be filled with white toothpaste if needed) and the clamp holds the Vibrakey without having to puncture it.

If you don’t have clamps, use push-pins or tacks by cradling the design rather than puncturing the plastic lamination. This way they can be used in many different ways without damaging them or the walls.

I am certainly curious how you are using your Vibrakeys and would love to hear from you about it.


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