Learning Adventures

Learning Hi-vibe Living Skills

I will offer some background & stories, then suggestions about how you can best participate. Some of the adventures are organized around certain Vibrakeys or Vibrakey Themes.

You can also check out LightWork-Play Projects for some ongoing activities you can participate in to help co-create our new reality as we enter the Crystalline Golden Age.

Omni-Dimensional Travel Adventures

GoldenStar Activation
12-12 Pineal Stargate3 Adventure
11-11 Stargate2-Benevolent ReConnection
10-10-10 Crystalline Stargate ONE Adventure
9-9 Prepare to Plant your New Earth SEEDs-Ongoing
8-8 Lifting Mother Earth
7-7 SOL DANCING into our SUN
6-6 Exploring Crystalline Energies
5-5 Sheaba’s Gift-Pleasure & Passion
4-4 Meet BETH-Living Super Consciousness Grid
11-11-2009 Rose Stargate-Temple of Anuenue
8-8 Lion's Gate & Vibrakeys

Heaven & Earth Grid Adventures

Host Project

LightBody Adventures

Host Project
Ambassadors &

Rainbow Adventures

Host Project


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