Vibrakey Prices & Formats

General Pricing

Single Laminated Vibrakeys are generally $33 to $55

The detail page of each design lists its exact price.

High Quality Art Prints are $22 to $55

The detail page of each piece lists exact sizes and pricing.

Vibrakey Kits & Sets start at $28

The detail pages describe the contents and exact pricing.

Purchasing the Art

Products can be purchased from each detail page using PayPal. Alternatively, Contact Us for alternatives or other questions.


Laminated Vibrakeys

Square format Vibrakeys are 8.5"x8.5" and wide format Vibrakeys are 10.75"x5.3". for any current design of Vibrakey. Offered with your choice of printed or digital guide. Add Shipping.

High Quality Art Prints

Any Art piece or Vibrakey you see online can be purchased as a high quality giclée print, printed with archival lightfast inks on high quality Photo Luster or High Gloss Photo Papers.

Sizes offered go up to 13"x13" or 19”x9.5" depending on the size of the original. No matting, framing, or shipping is included.

Each Laminated Vibrakey

has an artistic front & informational back. Sometimes there is an extra guide or manual.

Vibrakey Front

Each front is ART that is unique, colorful, activational & highly dimensionally layered. Each one has a multitude of themes woven together within the design.

Vibrakey Back & Guide

Each back & guide contains information about purpose & many suggestions for uses . Often there are directions to guide you, meditations, along with the mantras to be spoken or chanted which can have beneficial & positive results. Sometimes there is a ceremony or process to lead you into an adventure.
Then there is a variety of stories about the origin of the design, as well as scientific, metaphysical & channeled material. Sometimes the design elements & symbols, codes or light languages are discussed & how they work with other Vibrakeys. Sometimes I include the stories that lead up to the creation of a particular design & introduce the co-creators. Sometimes I have written poems or songs that support its energies or themes.

Here is a sample back to give you an idea of what a back can be like:

Double Designs

Some Vibrakeys are double art designs on front & back, usually the reversed mirror image of the front. These have a guide with information & ways to use it in a printed or digital format.

Vibrakey Kits

A kit contains one or more Vibrakeys grouped together to create something together physically & energetically. Often includes a new Vibrakey piece that helps the others work together in a new way. Includes directions & guidance.

Vibrakey Sets

A set contains two or more Vibrakeys grouped together in a theme with guidance. It may include a Positive Perspectives Print with the theme. Home
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