Artistic Evolution

Saleena Kí was born Joan Marie Shurtz in Baytown, Texas on July 3rd 1953.

Her family soon moved to Salt Lake City, Utah, where she spent the remainder of her early years. She tells the story from here...

Growing Up

Yes I grew up doing art…...consumed with an obsession for color and expression…...on paper, in the living room, creating passionate unrestrained dances and musical plays…...elaborately costumed and saturating myself in nature.

My mother always provided us with materials, encouragement & an abundance of imaginative experiences and opportunities. I took arts and crafts in school, excelled in oil portrait lessons. My brother's portrait was the first I did.

I then ran head on into the frustration that I couldn’t get the ideas out of my head and onto the paper. ‘Bouts of not being able to trust my own inner visions, fears of “not doing it right” and lack of technique, coupled with a perfectionistic viewpoint, killed many grand ideas. I laugh about it now, but now is after I spent many years in recovery, dismantling out-dated belief systems and exploring alternate ways of living life with more freedom and permission.

Early marriage and children, though I love them all dearly, brought more challenge to my already challenged artistic expression. Then I discovered a method, “Tole & Decorative” painting, that allowed me to learn important artistic skills, “tricks” of the medium & brush control. I was able to apply this to children’s art & developed a knack for characters that, like a wink, expressed a lot with very little, using fabric painting & silk screening as the medium.

My Deep Dive

Around the end of 1987, just after the harmonic convergence which I didn’t know about until later, my life went into a radical change. Now I look back & know that this is when my deep dive into healing myself activated. I divorced & began to explore ways I could take care of my family using my artistic skills. I began painting Christmas windows, met a sign painter, learned about lettering & sign making, & began my business of painting windows throughout the 4 Corners area.

I moved to Florida & gradually expanded my business to Joan of Art presents Extraordinary Environments. Occasional commissions, portraits, and a thriving mural & sign business, carried me through the next phase. I found myself living close to & loving the ocean, which has deeply influence my art.
Occasionally a piece of my own magical soul would slip out, but mostly it was safer to paint other people’s ideas and be assured it was paid for ahead of time. I created extraordinary environments, looking into people’s energy & personality to pull out the images that would please & satisfy them the most. This is when I began to realize I read people’s souls to create expressions that spoke from the depths of their beings, thus my Soul Portraits began.

During these years I began intense recovery work, reclaiming the right to my own soul & body, marrying myself (this is where I legally adopted my name Joan Ov’Art) and discovering the wild woman inside.


Finally I made the transition, with a lot of encouragement from my partner, as I learned to trust what was inside of me, unleashing my first expressions of the inner me for a very unusual job for “Ripley’s Believe It or Not”. A very magical thing began to happen: I began to let out the phenomenal abundance of ideas inside of me!

This led to a sequence of events that eventually led me to leap off the cliff of the known & safe world, into a space of exploration that continued on into what has become a very powerful, informative, and transformative body of art. I left Florida on my first official hijeira (spiritual journey) to find myself, my destiny....& to meet a destined relationship connection. My journey led me to Boulder, Colorado then to Sedona, Arizona.

The Art of JuiceyLiving

In October 1996, I began doing sacred menstrual blood art...allowing the inspiration to flow through me, honoring my path on Earth as a woman, claiming back my right & power to express myself passionately! This resulted in a series of art, now known as “The Art of JuiceyLiving” which reads a like a journal documentary of my restoration to life, my discovery of radical aliveness & my continued commitment to Juiceyliving!
This included, in March of 1997, my adventures to Palenque & my re-introduction to the Cosmic Mayans, crystal skulls, & DNA activation. It was around this time I read a channeled article which addressed the way some people were changing their names. The answer was that a name is a vibration bringing you into form. If you feel to change your name why resist what new form is coming?

Receiving a New Name

So I innocently asked... “If there is a name that represents my new energies better what would it be?” Three nights later, I dreamed of a group of beings made of light, showing my name in a large book...Saleena…indicating that I remember how to spell it. That was very odd & it took me a while to trust & begin to use it.

Eventually, I realized the name was not complete, so I asked my guides if there was more. It came to me there was a Mayan word that means ”from the womb of mother.” Later, I asked a Mayan brother & he said “Kí” thus I began to use the name & which embodies more of who I am now. He also told me that Saleena represents “saline” which is like the ocean which is Mother Earth’s all fit my mission....more than I knew at that moment in time.

For more information and to enjoy “The Art of JuiceyLiving” galleries, see

Around September of 1998, I received a capstone art piece for this two year period:


Marriage of Heaven & Earth represents what I feel happening now in the energies of Earth, in ourselves and in the other dimensions: The balancing of male & female; the merging of body & mind & soul; the dissolving of the veils that have separated us from the rest of creation, from other dimensions, from other races on earth & from the stars. This piece closed one chapter & opened another...

The Birth of the Vibrakeys

Shortly after this, I received a channeled reading from a friend, and together we saw a new form of art coming through, although it puzzled me. How could I portray what I saw? I had seen this new art from the side, perceiving energy grid lines running from unseen places, through the piece & out into connecting points here on Earth. I saw new colors, heard music & throbbing sounds, and saw lights pulsing. And I smelled the most beautiful aromas!

In November of 1998, soon after I attended the Star Nation Conference and a Crop Circle presentation where I viewed the most amazing lines, designs and forms, I began to receive guidance about how to birth this new art. This became the series now known as Vibrakeys. It is full of sacred geometry, mandalas, and an array of old and new symbols which bridge the past & the future & anchor it into the present moment which is NOW!

See Vibrakey Evolution for the story of their evolution since then. I am continuously grateful for my role in birthing these fun & powerful images. I feel that my art is a powerful & supportive gift to the world in these changing time.

Living on the Big Island of Hawaii

I now am living the most passionate life, learning to live like the art that has come through me. I have found it impossible to separate my visual art, dance, movement, & sacred sounds. I am The Art of JuiceyLiving, sharing with you through transformational art, creative dance & movement, joyful music, sound, poetry, & sensual experiences. It is all food for my total self…
It’s time to CELEBRATE!
with a new state of being JOY!
with a side order of BLISS!....

(menses blood & marker)
My dream is to share my art with the world, bringing in more aliveness & joy as we let go of the old non-working ways, the fear & separation-based beliefs, & embrace the magnificent wonders of life in these amazing bodies. To assist in the transformation & healing & ascension of our Mother Earth & all her children. To be a part of awakening in you, your most magnificent self.

I am grateful ahead of time for all the amazing assistance that is heading my way to support the sharing of this art with the world in the most wonderful, fun & effective ways. For the team of people who assist me in producing & marketing this art into its fullest destiny. To share this energy far & wide, at this most vital time for us humans & the planet we live on.

You may find me creating in my magical studio on the Big Island of Hawaii, if I’m not swimming with my friends the dolphins, or doing remarkable healing work, or gardening with the devas in our Garden of Atema.

Life is good, so enjoy it!

With love to you....Saleena Kí

“Saleena Ki is a True Living Alchemist!”

“She considers herself a StarSeed and has a knack for working in all Dimensions, Realms, Times, and Angles of Space. She is here to activate change as a prolific Visionary Artist, Psychic-intuitive Transformation specialist, Meta-physician, Writer, Inventor, and Explorer, with numerous skills and deep understanding, which result in creative works. Her works have a deeply healing, activational, transformative effect on those who view them.
The Joys of Live Alchemy
by Michael Levy

Cover design by
Saleena Ki
She has a shamanic knack for gathering the newest vibrational colors she can bring in from the universe’s palette, and then creating art that sparkles with colourful diamonds and gems, crackling with lively energy. She weaves in living elements of life, love, light, fire, earth, air, water, sacred geometry, mathematical formulas, sounds, light codes and light languages. Her art seems to live, breath, and dance through the dimensions with a particular kind of vital aliveness. Designed to inspire, entice, activate, raise vibrations, invite and give permission to step fully into life and take it on with ecstatic joy and splendid power, this artwork embodies and fuses Love and Power into one.”

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