We are GRATEFUL & THANKFUL for ALL Kinds of Loving Support!

Why Do We Ask for Loving Support as Donations?

Much of our information we offer you free from our hearts. This is one way we create a portal for universal flow to bring us all the resources we each require. Breathing OUT & then Breathing IN…. balancing giving with receiving.

Free Lightwork

The Lightwork we do freely is a substantial part of how we choose to spend days. We are “on call” to participate in any way we are inspired to do so. We have created Portals on this site where you can find Lightwork Projects that can help change our reality.

We Made a Commitment to Live our Vision of the New Reality Now

At a time when the outer world reality is not yet actively supporting us in this, we are building pathways for a new way abundance may flow & manifestation happen gracefully. See VK05 Abundance for more on this. It is through our hearts & through love. We are in a grand transition & helping each other is one of the best ways we gracefully move through the shift. The old ways are gradually dissolving & making way for new more balanced ways of living.

Old Reality System

Our old reality structure was designed to feed & enrich-en the top few & mine, suck, deplete all planetary resources, including humans, with no loving caring sustainable vision of where this is going. That system is breaking down now, right now, it is crumbling. We no longer blindly follow that plan. We have a new feeling, a new desire, new light is turning on in our heads. We have a new vision!

New Reality System

We are helping to co-create a new reality that is sustainable & in harmony with Mother Earth & all life. We see all beings having their basic needs provided, Food Water Shelter, thus much ease, joy, bliss & happiness. We see all beings able & encouraged to do what they love to do. Choosing to participate in what is most interesting & inspiring for them at any moment.

Their soul-heart directs their actions. Their community honors & supports them & all work together to fulfill this. There is an abundance of creativity; support, energetically & physically, to pursue your passion. Encouragement & appreciation for artists, musicians, writers, teachers, inventors & researchers who bring us beauty, insight, wisdom, new technologies & deeper understandings. All vocations are fulfilled with beings who love doing what they are doing.

Harmonious Earth

We are all creating a harmonious space for us all to live together with all life, in more conscious, respectful, sustainable interconnectedness. With more beings awake & participating in a conscious co-creation of community life that is harmonious, satisfying, fulfilling & sustains itself. See VK30 Sanctuary - New Earth for more on this.

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