Birthing Chamber; Alchemical Womb for the Creation of Vibrakeys

The Creativity Laboratory & Birthing Chamber is a space; a womb of creation where potential Vibrakeys gestate & evolve.

It is the first place new Vibrakeys go in our (theirs & my) creative process. We decided that it would be nice to offer them to you to enjoy & to purchase as prints long before they become Vibrakeys. They hold very powerful energies even though the information part is still evolving.

How They Begin

Sometimes they begin with a desire, an idea or feeling I jot down in a Word document or journal & begin a file for them. I choose a name that fits it in the moment. It is like a womb where they grow. They all evolve through a series of design stages & all experiences & supportive information I find along the way goes in with them.

Higher Dimensions & Beyond Words

These designs are so new sometimes I am unable to put together even a few words that sufficiently portray all of what they really are yet. This happens when I bring in designs beyond my own understanding. Sometimes they are coming from such higher dimensions, my language & brain here on earth is only able to partially catch their meanings.

Sometimes they are birthed into the earth plane & it is several years later they (or me) are actually emerging enough for me to write or talk intelligently about them. That is why these designs are still considered “gestating in the womb” of the Birthing Chamber. They are still simmering & alchemically forming. Some go through many many evolutions.

Sharing Them

When these design are “mostly” done I offer them only as prints until I can create the information & directions that assist in using it as a Vibrakey. I say mostly because at times, they are all updated. Elements are added once certain energies are present in the earth plane. As my frequencies get higher, my consciousness continues to open & expand so more is revealed as I go. When I review them, I see more… as you will as you evolve.

Process & Events

Many Vibrakeys come through in with a series of amazing events. Before they become a full Vibrakey they shift & change many times. Even before I fully understand the scope of their purpose, I can share their history & the process of their creation.


Vibrakeys seem to have a timing all their own. Sometimes emerging more as energy portals align & celestial astrological events occur that must happen before they are released. I avoid saying finished as they all seem to keep evolving to new levels. Sometimes they are linked with events to help usher in the energies they are about.

Dimensional Memory Loss

Sometimes they arrive even before whatever dimension we are in for the moment can support them properly. It is those times when I can work with the beings in higher dimensions to create them & then when I come back into this dimension’s densities my memory fades quickly. That is why I write transcripts of everything that happens & draw diagrams to refer to later when the densities “dumb” me down.

Sometimes I even forget I saw them at all & later find evidence there in the Birthing Chamber or in my journals. It amazes me that this can happen! If I forget, I have to ask for assistance to understand them & their purposes again. They seem to be very patient with our dimensional conditions here.

We have seen why this happens & it involves the way higher dimensions have more information packets available within them & how these are squeezed down as one descends through lower dimensions, until not much of the “high definition” of information is left. With practice, one can learn to retain more information as one returns to the current dimension one is living in.

Creation Process

The organization of information & stories to distill their purpose & to create “things you can do with them” is quite a process. Sometimes it takes me several years to catch up in vibration to be able to do this. Being the kind of soul I am in these lower densities has been quite an experience! Many of you may be having a similar experience.

So, there you go… a little glimpse into what is involved in the beginning creation of a Vibrakey!

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