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2014-10-23Lots of Solar Flares intensify the Solar Eclipse
2014-07-14Time Capsules WingMakers & Stepping Even Further Out of the False Matrix
2014-07-14WingMakers WOW!
2014-06-13Friday 13th Full Moon with Geomagnetic Storms! Wooohooo!
2014-05-27Surprise… This is Fastest Growing Career in Health
2014-05-20Seen and Unseen
2014-05-17Energetically New-SpinningStarS 2014-05-17 Update-Pleiadian Portal Opens Today
2014-05-15Signs of Reincarnation course
2014-05-08Sustainable Lifestyle-Step by Step; Seed Starting-Making Mediums to Grow In-Easy Compost with Leaves & Worms
2013-10-23Saleena's 2013 Energy Report & New Creation3
2013-08-06Interview with Hugh Matlock
2013-08-05Press Release: Software Cosmos - Read Hugh Matlock's New Essay
2013-03-06NEW HUMAN has Arrived with TRUE POWER!
2012-12-12HERE WE GO!!! 2012-12-12 IS HERE!!! So Many Births
2012-11-01Energy Report; Wild Fluctuations-Energetic Gifts
2012-10-29Sending Rays of Love and Waves of Gratitude to the East Coast
2012-10-29Prayer Circle Tonight for Love and Protection from Hurricane Sandy
2012-10-13What the Heck has been Happening to our Hearts? Time to Clear the Decks?
2012-07-06Our World is Changing Very Quickly - Be LOVE - Help with BIG Energetic Clearing
2012-06-29There is a SHIFT We ALL Must Make-We ALL Know How-The Key is in Our Heart
2012-06-06Venus Transit & 2012 Power-Energy-Portals Part 3
2012-06-06Venus Transit & 2012 Power-Energy-Portals Part 2
2012-06-06Venus Transit & 2012 Power-Energy-Portals-Part 1
2012-06-05Venus Transit Gifts
2012-05-04555 Full Moon & Wesak Meditation
2011-10-222 WARS are OVER!!!
2011-09-29We are Moving!
2011-06-19Eclipse-Solstice-CosmicWaves-Focus on What you Desire
2011-04-22Mother Earth Day Special Event
2011-04-02Empower Yourself to Protect and Heal Yourself
2011-03-08Massive Energy Needs to Move before Equinox - Red Dragon is Gone
2011-03-02Urgent Planetary Action: Help Move Massive Energies before Spring Equinox
2011-01-21Take a stand for organics! Reject Monsanto's GMOs
2011-01-202011-01-23 Golden Star Activation Journey
2010-12-2012-20 12-21 12-22 Eclipse-Solstice Updates
2010-12-1912-21 Winter Solstice - Sacred Union Initiation
2010-12-1212:12 Stargate - Pineal Gland Activation - Message from Belees-Pass it ON
2010-12-11Audio Message about 12:12 Stargate - Exciting Pineal Activation Ready
2010-12-0512-12 & 12-21 SpinningStarS Update
2010-11-21Peacock Full Blue Moon Energies-Events-Ideas
2010-11-11Live 11-11-10 Webcast Today
2010-11-1011-11 BENEVOLENT ReConnection SpinningStarS update-full
2010-11-1011-11 BENEVOLENT ReConnection SS eNewz update
2010-11-02Live 11-11-10 Webcast Event Invitation
2010-10-0910-10-10 Crystalline Stargate & Wave of Love - Energy & Insights
2010-10-0510-10-10 SSenewZ Crystalline Stargate Adventure
2010-09-16Virtual Peace Summit - Join Now Sept 14th - 21st
2010-09-082010-09-09 Paradise Earth SS-eNewZ
2010-08-312010-9-9 Planting Seeds for Paradise Earth
2010-08-078-8 Lion's Gate- Lift the Earth Invitation - Wave of Love - Participate!
2010-08-012010-08-08 Lift the Earth
2010-07-067-7 New Solar Initiations 6 pm Pacific Time
2010-07-012010-06-30 SOL DANCING
2010-06-25Gulf Oil Disaster; The Biggest Economic; Environmental & Health Disasters In Human History
2010-06-202010-06-20 Summer Solstice Power
2010-06-056-6 Explore New Crystalline Energies of Creation
2010-05-256-6 Green Wave of Love
2010-05-235 Day Transmission from our Sun
2010-05-03Passion & Pleasure
2010-04-30May 5th Multi-Dimensional Adventure; Passion & Pleasure
2010-04-21Super Consciousness Grid
2010-04-04Invitation: New Super Consciousness Grid; Create a Unified Heart & Mind; Create the Reality We Desire Now
2010-02-27Opportunities to Assist Mother Earth & Redefine our Reality
2010-02-22Our New Universe - Consciously Creating Reality
2009-12-2112-21 Portal of Love - Birth of a New Universe
2009-12-20VK56 New Crystalline Grid
2009-12-19VK63 Lyran Song of Home
2009-12-18Enhanced Environmental Protection
2009-11-1111-11-11 Grand Opening of the Temple of Anuenue
2009-11-0511:11:11 Lightwork Events
2009-10-10Sophia’s 10-10-2009 Message & Rainbow Meditation
2009-10-01VK60 Liquid Love
2009-09-30VK59 Venus-Earth Portal
2009-09-29Veil of ISIS - Venus & Earth Reconnection - MaRi Magdalene
2009-09-28VK54 Crystal DNA
2009-09-23VK58 Crystal Seeding
2009-09-15VK29 The Living Mary
2009-09-10VK55 Oneness in Wholeness
2009-09-09Lifting of the Veil of ISIS - MaRi Magdalene
2009-08-15VK37 Sublime Health Project
2009-08-12Launching our Cyber-Ship
2009-06-11Co-Creating our New Reality: The New Gula Grid - Creator Whales

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