Enhanced Environmental Protection

VK28 Safe Haven

I have finished a Vibrakey I am so excited about, VK28 Safe Haven, which provides enhanced environmental frequency protection. We set one of the VK28 Safe Haven Vibrakeys in a central location in our home. The Safe Haven field is wonderful; the protective sweet energy field it generates around us is so soothing. A lot of love flows through this design from those in the higher dimensions. The field it generates grows over time, to extend into the area around where it is placed.

Muscle Testing (Kinesiology) & Cell Phones

A few weeks later we decided to muscle test the effect of using a cell phone. Marimar tried using it in the house & there wasn’t any significant weakening of the muscles while holding it or talking on it. Since the Safe Haven creates a very large growing field that neutralizes harmful frequencies, we walked outside. We kept testing every few feet once we got out of the house. We had to get 30 feet away before we noticed a significant weakening in the muscles when both holding & talking on the cell phone.

K-SH Safe Haven Travel Kit

I had created a travel kit with a smaller version of Safe Haven, which includes some little stickers that can go on your cell phone & other wireless devices to reduce the harmful energies. The kit is called K-SH Safe Haven Travel Kit with a small 4x4” card for the car or travelling or to carry with you to work & includes 12 stickers. They are about an inch across, and so can be placed on the inside of the cell phone battery cover.

So I ran back to get one of the new stickers. We placed it inside the cell phone battery cover & tested again. This time Marimar was strong holding it & talking on it. We have since tested the stickers with several other people, always with consistent results. The results were instant! You can imagine how delighted I am about this! There is more information on each detail page & a lot more in the VK28 Safe Haven Guide.

K-EE Environment Enhancement Kit

Hi-Vibrations to Live in!

I am giving all my kids & grandkids a K-EE Environment Enhancement Kit with everything they need to create a safe environment for their whole family. Especially the stickers for cell phones… there is so much evidence of the harmful effects that is one of the reasons I took on the challenge & co-created this design. To help the Earth & humans to be able to live in a harmonious, supportive & healthy environment until we learn to live in harmony & balance on her. I am super sensitive & I love the feeling of the energies in my home now.


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