Safe Haven

VK28 Safe Haven is a combination of Vibrakey designs & energy structures, including the BluPearl sending-receiving unit built with the help of the Arcturians for the VK37 Sublime Health. It will help you put up a personal shield anchored in & generated by a huge crystalline generator structure that was built over the Pacific Northwest & has helped to clear the US of some very dense energies. You may feel a difference.
It is also anchored into the Heart of Mother Earth. It easily cleans & harmonizes environments of chaotic inharmonious frequencies, harmful electrical-magnetic spins & harmonizes or neutralizes many kinds of waves throughout the spectrum. I plan to make it available in smaller cards & tiny discs, bundled into a kit, to place around the house for the wiring, at computer or entertainment centers, on phones, including cell phones & in cars.

Options & Prices

Laminated VK 8.5"x8.5"$33.00
Giclée Print 13"x13"$44.00
See VK Prices & Formats for details on formats. An additional shipping surcharge may apply for international orders or mixed Giclée Print and Laminated Print orders.

Design Elements

Includes: New Water Codes from the Ambassadors, given on 12-16-2007 They are from our daughter universe, returning a gift of a more advanced intelligence for our water. VK13 Universal Library VK34 Living Alchemy - Whales from the Whales VK34 Living Alchemy - Whales Alchemical Ingredients: Molten Gold & Fibers of Creation VK31 PeaceMaker 4 Magnetic Balancers VK37 Sublime Health BluPearl Transmitters & Receivers (4) VK11 WaterAlive MasterKey Sun Energy as base. Blue Cell Structure 5 Whales & Spirals 1 Dolphin 6 Rainbow Diamonds Rainbow Diamond Light 3 Spin Generators Transformer-Protector from K-EP Energetic Pyramid’s EPCG. A gift from the ShipBuilder Brothers & the ShipBuilder’s Guild Gold Codes Vine to the Divine Mother (umbilical) Diamond Light Dew Drops

Energetic Research

A Little VK28 History

The Whales have been an important part of bringing this design together, so I am going to start my story with them. While living in Maui, I met a wonderful being, Willy the Whale Bennett, who had a wonderful motor boat & invited me to come out on the ocean with him & visit the whales. We had many great adventures, having the privilege of swimming with a mother Humpback & her baby, with their HUGE escort right underneath us. The baby was so enthusiastically swimming right toward us, that I thought I was going to be rammed right into the next life! Then he turned & slowly swam by us, eyeing us. Here is a picture of that moment… looking into his eye as he curiously turned & swam past.

Later, I was visiting him & learned he worked with the electric company, with an interest & expertise in sustainable & renewable energies & was selling new technologies to keep us healthier energetically in the midst of such electrical pollution. He introduced me to some products he was selling. In a conversation with him, I was informed that the current AC-DC set up of electricity in our homes & offices creates a spin of energy that is harmful to our biological system. I am an ultra-sensitive & was experiencing much distress & confusion in the house I was living in.
I was in the process of trying to buy a device from him, the PlugBuster II “Get quick & easy EMF Pollution clearing by simply plugging this product into any electrical outlet in your home/office. That's it! Immediately it goes to work neutralizing unpleasant energy from electromagnetic frequencies.“
He said it was known to change the negative spin of the electricity to one that was more neutral to our bodies. He knew a little about my Vibrakeys & mused that he thought there might be a way to combine the designs in such a way that it could help in the same way. This got my interest! He used dowsing to test. With his background understaing & interest in electricity & health, he knew the right kinds of questions to ask.

So we began asking questions & testing out possible combinations. After asking many questions & testing for the energetic results, we were happily surprised when we discovered that by combining VK34 Living Alchemy - Whales with VK13 Universal Library, or VK34 Living Alchemy - Whales with VK31 PeaceMaker, it changed the negative spin of electricity & reduced the stress of radio waves on our bodies. It also seemed to deal with cell tower & microwaves... He actually convinced me not to buy the other device & feel confident that by combining these Vibrakeys, I could achieve the same results!
I got pretty excited about this, & asked more questions. He tested where it would be best to place it in a home & we found that it was most effective as close as it could be placed to the electrical box or electrical appliance. I placed these design combinations around my house & found the stress levels went down. Just this year, I have combined all these designs & more, into a new Vibrakey VK28 Safe Haven to create an even stronger solution for these same frequencies, including cell phones, vehicles, & other subtle frequencies we may not even know are effecting our health & well-being.

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Features of VK28

Electro-Magnetic Balance: balancing electric (masculine) and magnetic (feminine)
Relaxation-Calming: throughout the body

Vibrakeys that work with VK28

VK27 Golden Pyramid Contains many evolutionary codes and energies. Much to discover. Learn to be in harmony with & thrive with the photon belt energies & the increasing plasma from the sun. Create a space of energetic resonance & harmony to live in.

VK10 Electric Support Supports you physically around electronics & assists electronics to stay stable. Great to place around computers or other electronic equipment.. Protect & upgrade your nerve’s capacity to receive electric energy.

CVK10 Nerves - Electronics Assists electrical systems in physical body (nervous system) and externally (computers, electrical equipment). Repairs & adjusts them to more easily receive incoming higher frequencies. Balances Neurotransmitters. Great to keep around the computer space for you and your computer! Great for the sleeping space as it calms and soothes, restoring balance overnight.

CVK10R Nerves - Electronics reversal Assists electrical systems in physical body (nervous system) and externally (computers, electrical equipment). Repairs & adjusts them to more easily receive incoming higher frequencies. Balances Neurotransmitters. Great to keep around the computer space for you and your computer! Great for the sleeping space as it calms and soothes, restoring balance overnight.

K-SH Safe Haven Travel Kit Disharmonious energies can be cleared easily & quickly by placing this Vibrakey card in your home, office or automobile. Immediately neutralizes unpleasant or harmful energies from electro-magnetic frequencies, radio waves, cell phones & other electrical equipment. This small card has the same qualities as VK28 Safe Haven. For full description visit VK28 Safe Haven.

K-EE Environment Enhancement Kit K-EE Environment Enhancement Kit clears energetic pollution and creates and sustains a supportive nourishing nurturing protective energetic environment in your home, office, studio, etc. Some levels of it are testable. Can be used in any building or area used for community activities, such as work, school, nursing home, business. Enhanced environmental frequency protection is foundationally based on VK28 Safe Haven. I miniaturized the design for cell or wireless phones or devices, including lap tops or tablets. Most people can muscle test their self with their cell phone; without the sticker and with the sticker to see and feel a dramatic difference in your body's well being and strength. This Kit includes an 8.5x8.5" VK28 Safe Haven Vibrakey, a K-SH Safe Haven Travel Kit which includes a C-28 4x4", Three C-SH-ST1 for your cell phone, wireless phones or devices, tablet, or lap top computer, 1 Safe Haven eGuide, 8.5x8.5" VK10 Electric Support to keep near your computer or use for nerve support, PowerUp! Vibrakey 4x4" energizer & water & food treatment card & 1 Power-Water eGuide, plus K-TW Transform your Water Kit with Rainbow WaterAlive Water structure treatment card and eGuide. Extra Stickers can be purchased for $11 each.

K-HC Higher Consciousness Kit Raise your consciousness. Clear, clean, enhance, correct & enliven your products or environments to support your awakening and raising your vibration. The alchemy, created by the layering of many key codes & pattern frequencies embedded in this Rainbow Activator Energizer disc, highly charges, energizes & activates.

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