Created on 9-11-2001: As we dismantle our War Patterns inside, Peace will blossom into our outer world. Supports Ascension: Distortion Clears, Magnetic Code Blessing brings balance to an over Electrified world, Strong new Codes from BENEVOLENT Source call the Masculine to cease war and come to a place of balance and harmony with the Feminine. Masculine-Feminine in cooperation are Power and Love side by side. Creative Action! They Build and Nurture life; bringing new patterns of Dynamic Harmony to co-create a Thriving Growing Sustainable Reality. PeaceMaker supports us to live in our own Truth and to learn to release Judgments that keep energy stuck and cause war amd contention. Design Updated 9-11-2011, on the 10 year Anniversary of the event that was used to launch more war. Newly embedded image of Ejahdama VK36 Chariot of the Gods, included in the design, moves us past the built in limitations that existed in our previous Adam-Kadmon Blueprint into bodies “fit for the Gods.” New Creation Codes called Trinity and Bright Ones Rise are added and shape the Crystalline energies flowing through to you. Design represents a shattering of the old patterns to make space for the New to Emerge.

Options & Prices

Laminated VK 8.5"x8.5"$33.00
Giclée Print 13"x13"$44.00
See VK Prices & Formats for details on formats. An additional shipping surcharge may apply for international orders or mixed Giclée Print and Laminated Print orders.

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Features of VK31

Ascension Process: raising our vibrations, more light
Be Yourself: remember who you are
Belonging: restore your interconnectedness
Crystalline: crystalline-based bodies vs. carbon-based
Dying-Hospice: assistance in transitioning and completions, all keys by themes
Electro-Magnetic Balance: balancing electric (masculine) and magnetic (feminine)
Father: masculinity issues, resolution of
Heart: opening, strengthening, restoring original language
Homesickness: connection to galactic roots and starseed family, also divine
Immune System: strongest immunity comes with open heart and love
Integration of Polarity: balance and integrate masculine-feminine principles within, release resistance to polarities to find neutral appreciation for the experience, Ho’oponopono
Intimacy: starts within
Judgment: living without
Magnetic Nature: return to original nature, useful when overexposed to electrical fields
Memory: remembering, enhancing memory
Mission: and True Purpose: fulfillment of, remembering
Mother: femininity issues, resolution of
Peace of Mind: experiencing harmony in your body and mind
Power: personal
Relaxation-Calming: throughout the body
Technology-Creativity: supporting a Creative Renaissance
Truth: finding your own resonant inner truth
War-Conflict: ending it inside
Web of Life: Antakarana, remember connection to all
World Peace: starts inside, shatters war matrix, beliefs

Vibrakeys that work with VK31

VK11 WaterAlive MasterKey Great for Moving & Directing Specific Energies for healing or for clearing stagnant energy in your environment. Easy to use for Feng Shui. Helps Focus desired energies from other objects. Creates a refreshingly sweet, full bodied, energized water.

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