Peace & Harmony

Theme: Peace & Harmony

The opposite of war. Many are striving to establish peace on Earth now. I believe that when we achieve Peace within, we will see Peace outside ourself. I am voting for Harmony, actually.

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VK31 PeaceMaker Created on 9-11-2001: As we dismantle our War Patterns inside, Peace will blossom into our outer world. Supports Ascension: Distortion Clears, Magnetic Code Blessing brings balance to an over Electrified world, Strong new Codes from BENEVOLENT Source call the Masculine to cease war and come to a place of balance and harmony with the Feminine. Masculine-Feminine in cooperation are Power and Love side by side. Creative Action! They Build and Nurture life; bringing new patterns of Dynamic Harmony to co-create a Thriving Growing Sustainable Reality. PeaceMaker supports us to live in our own Truth and to learn to release Judgments that keep energy stuck and cause war amd contention. Design Updated 9-11-2011, on the 10 year Anniversary of the event that was used to launch more war. Newly embedded image of Ejahdama VK36 Chariot of the Gods, included in the design, moves us past the built in limitations that existed in our previous Adam-Kadmon Blueprint into bodies “fit for the Gods.” New Creation Codes called Trinity and Bright Ones Rise are added and shape the Crystalline energies flowing through to you. Design represents a shattering of the old patterns to make space for the New to Emerge.

VK48 Divine Alchemical Union Representing an Alchemical Womb from which many new levels of your being can be birthed. Triunes - Trinities - Triads; Explore the power of the Third element to stimulate evolution.

VK50 Peace & Harmony Wave There is a Wave of Light & Love Encircling our Earth! Celebrate & support the Grassroots Peace Phenomenon going on all around the Earth. Ride the Peace Wave. Meet the PurePeace Council & help them anchor the pulse of PurePeace in your local area. Learn how to visit & present at the Interdimensional Peace Summit. Home
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