Restoring the Veil of ISIS
Venus & Earth Reconnection

center Reunion of Venus & Earth. Ancient relationship reconnection brings a new song to creation. Portal to Galactic Kachina, Galactic Mother - Center & Greater Central Sun. Divine Feminine Infusion. Newest level of Crystal Seeding Codes of the Christ Consciousness Ascension Project. Hosted by Sirian Akhus, MaRi Magdalene, JeSu, Sophia & the Great Mothers.

Invitation to Visit Venus

2009-09-28 7:07:59 PM Saleena: Aloha, I have been feeling things coming to a close with these new Crystal energies and DNA merging. I was wondering about how it went with the Veil of Isis being removed, and earlier when tuning in, felt MaRi and JeSu step in. She indicated that they were ready to share, so I am going to open and see what they have to share.

MaRi Magdalene's Message

MaRi: Beloveds, my heart is so wide open and so joyous with all the events and energies that have been unfolding dimensionally all around us. It is like a flowering in a dimensional sense; we have entered into a new placement in the universe, in creation, by raising our consciousness and by our dearest Mother Earth raising hers.

I am thanking all of you, this team and the many other conscious lightworkers and heart opened beings who have been riding the waves and following their hearts and doing what is coming to them to do.

A Great Experiment

When we first announced that the Veil of Isis would be removed fully, we knew this was a great experiment to see if the earth and the reality all around her was ready for such power to be exposed once again. It was there in the beginning... the Goddess stood unveiled in her glory and served from the essence of her being.

Many Goddesses came to earth with many levels of trainings "under her wings."

As time and densities within the experiment took hold and the darkness increased, she was recognized for the power she held and the decision was made to take her power and distort her until no one trusted or even realized who she was. A faithful woman of service and connection to the Divine Mother and Earth.

With the balancing of the masculine and feminine within each of you, with the sacred marriage within, with the return of the light and the knowings of her value and her co-creation powers in harmony with the masculine, it became possible for a new step... to remove the veil that was placed from both sides, one to hide her for the power of the masculine to grow and two to protect her as a Priestess and Goddess of Isis and the Divine Mother for her protection.

Veil Removed

From 999, the 9th of September until the 27th. it was declared that the Veil would be removed. I shared earlier that from within each Mary and each priestess who had trainings from Isis and Divine Mothers there would come promptings of certain things to do, feelings of direction and actions to proceed with. We have watched...

From all over the planet, women and men with these trainings within them, responded, journeying to sacred sites, creating, responding to the inner urges of the light code activations within in a variety of ways. We watched carefully to see the effect, on the earth, in the earth, in those who have spent their lives distorting and promoting the de-powerment of the goddess and her powers. We watched...

Hearts Melting

What we saw was astonishing: we saw some of the hardest hearts melting, softening... and opening. We were ecstatic, we knew that the energies of the new crystalline age had begun to create something new. We are still watching, in curiosity and greatest hope that this will continue.

For some it was the first and tiniest opening, the light of truth began to dawn in their minds. Please send them love and compassion for it may be painful to go through, like a limb deprived of life blood then flooded with it again: pins and needles as it comes back to life!

New Crystalline Structure

The beauty of the new structure you all have helped to bring in is exquisite! The air around you, the structures within you, the way the hologram of reality is being projected will show you glimmers and glints of its new crystalline qualities.

Your minds are being affected, your brains restructured. Your nerves are being upgraded. New senses will begin to come online within you. Your flesh is being tested as it is being turned from its habit of dying to a new way of eternally living. Love yourselves, send your body much compassion and help it to open and respond to the new energies.

Division of Old & New

There is a very distinct division now of the old and the new. For a long period there was a central section where one could "sit on the fence" and observe and delay the movement into the new. That section of transition is gone.

If you use the old, you will be there. If you use the new you will be there. The interface is gone. Practice embracing the place you choose very consciously; allow the old habits to quickly fade. Place your attentions on everything you know to be new, and it will become stronger around you. Your attentions are what assemble your reality, carefully choose from where you are assembling it from.

Earth & Venus Sing a new Song

There was a new relationship activated during this time. It is one of ancient times renewed. Earth and Venus were close to each other in ancient times: sisters, and they created a very special song or tone that was felt throughout creation. Then, through the downfall, they were severed, disconnected; Earth choosing to fall further than Venus could go, they parted for a time...

They have now reunited and are strongly emitting their song once again. It is a new song they sing, full of their experience and their growth. Our creation is blessed once again to hear and receive their song.

Tuning In

To understand this, you tune to them: sit in a quiet place and intend that you might visit their energies. You may find yourself easily within their field and hearing or feeling their "song". It is a kind of nourishment. It is a frequency of the truest kind of love. Of companionship, of sisterhood. They are singing loud and strong for all to hear.

The relationship you once had with many of Venus was also brought to a separation. There was great sorrow with this. Some of your greatest myths and fairy tales are of beings and creatures and animals that are from Venus. Some of the loveliest in creation.


The doors are beginning to officially open once again. We are suggesting that many of you will begin to feel an attraction to Venus and begin to meet your family there again. It may be in dreams or in visions. The dimensions are still somewhat apart between Earth and Venus. This is where I have made my home since leaving Earth in the physical.

Bring into your heart your intentions, ask that the pathways be open again to you to reconnect to this beautiful place and to your families there. Many of you serve there in another dimensional form connected to your soul. You will be reuniting with your self at times... and then with many others who you know and love.

Invitation from Venus

We are so very excited that the time is here to reunite and thank our Mother Earth and our beloved Venus for doing their parts to raise into the frequencies where they could once again unite. The door is barely open. We invite you HOME. We of Venus, know about the truest kind of love. We are opening our temples and our Centers for you to visit, to heal and to learn.

Open to us and you will feel it enter your bodies and you will feel what it is like to have true love in your flesh, your cells, your tissue, and your bones. Open to us, dearest ones, we are here with our hearts open and our arms open and we anticipate your arrival. Earth must raise her frequency more before many of us can visit. It is difficult in our level of frequency to visit yet, and it may be soon, yet you can visit us.

The Veil is Restored

Forgive us for the many dark days we had to watch you go through your trainings. We all knew it was the choice and the way, yet it stressed you beyond what was ever expected. Our hearts have been drawn out to you many times when you were unable to feel of see or know of our presences. We are so very joyful that the veils are thinned and the path is open now.

We have looked, we of the Mothers and of Isis, along with the mighty Councils of Elohim and the Source of all our creation, to see if it is possible to leave the Veil removed. To see if the danger is past and the time has come to leave her, the Goddess, revealed in her glory. We are seeing that it is time to restore the veil just a little, far less than we had thought... and this is the best news of all. This time (9-9 to 9-27) was especially protected during these great alignments and this biggest shift of all time and no time. Now conditions are returning to a lighter state of protection and the veils are being allowed to be thinner.

Your Decision

The Goddess must emerge from under the veil on her own accord. The decision must come from within you to emerge into your full light on your own. It is within each of you to decide this or to continue to hide your power and glory until you are ready.

We are here to help, to assist, to shine our love to you and encourage you to birth yourself. We feel that it would weaken the birth if we lifted the veil completely, so this is our decision for now in the greatest love and respect possible for each of you. You of Earth have shown the greatest courage of ALL time throughout creation to choose this path. We honor and celebrate you and the strength of the spirits that came to Earth and stayed it through. So much soul growth and strength has been accrued. I took my turn and know of the harshness it can be.

I will be reaching out to many more of you in the days to come, inviting to awaken to the Mary you are, to the soul that shines within you. Open your hearts and call for your veils to depart; cast them aside like the waters of the ocean when they were parted. It is by being in harmony with nature and creation that this is possible. Being in harmony with all life, you will emerge more naturally.

Anastasia & a New Earth

Now we want to thank a particular Goddess who has formulated and brought about a significant change upon this Earth... she is now dwelling within many of you with her words and ideas... Anastasia, we thank you!

Her vision was able to bring her plan all the way through the windows of time with success. Her relation with Creator has assured her plan to succeed. She has seen for this Earth a time when the people would return to harmony with the earth and the life upon it and with each other, to live in a Space of Love and to create a Motherland for each one again which brings Heaven to Earth.

We stand with her and watch over her. We support and add to what she has started with appreciation and love. We also let each of you know that the seed must fall into fertile ground and bring the waters of life to it for it to grow. It is within each of your hearts and with each of your actions and choices that the Earth is made new. You each have the power to create a new Earth. As you take your stand and make your actions daily align, your new Earth joins with each of the other new Earths until it becomes a collective dream fulfilled.

Each vision that is in harmony with the next merges and joins together to create a stronger experience. It is happening rapidly. You have crossed a line and there is a new kind of reality emerging all around us. All the changes that were experienced in the last 18 days and many days previous, have fully brought into being a new time, a new Earth, a new way of life... and now it will begin to manifest in form and habit.

Be Gentle

Be gentle with yourselves. Rest when you need and respond to the knowings within each of you for this is how your path will be guided. Stay in the highest states of feeling and being you know how to and clear everything that rises to the surface with compassion and quick skill. Stay in a place of the witness, live in a place of loving compassion, share your fears and quickly choose something higher. Open your hearts to many new ways of life that will be presenting themselves to you. Many new ideas will be emerging from within you. Some will be so different from anything you are familiar with. Check your heart and proceed with confidence.

Make a habit of living miracles
until they are a way of life

Life in the higher levels is sweet and beautiful and harmonious. Allow yourself to accept this and begin to live it and breath it. We are here now, much closer than ever. We have much to share in this transition to a new way of life. There are many surprises coming to you... only because you have lived in the dark for so long.

Touching your Heart

We love each of you dearly and touch your hearts now with a special gift of our energies. Take a moment to open and give permission and no matter when you read this, we will flow it to you. There will be many unsettling events happening rapidly in succession and we are here to soften it as you allow. Keep yourself in an elevated frequency and it will be easier. Keep your visions of the reality you desire strong and alive and focus on this. It will help brings us all through this time much easier.

Visit us and avail yourself to the many gifts we offer... we are now with you, closer than ever... you are our beloveds.

Ma ta may ee men ah nu.
Love is the strongest bond through all time.

MaRi Magdalene


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