Sophia’s 10-10-2009 Message & Rainbow Meditation

Venus-Earth Reconnection

Beloved Beings of Planet Earth,

We are sending our greetings to you & asking that you might open your hearts on this amazing day! Every day on earth is amazing now. We are announcing the opening of a new portal, a corridor that is available for you to travel & visit your sister, planet, Venus. Your family awaits the reunion! They have many gifts to offer you.

This portal is made available to you through the cooperative forces of the reawakened Elemental Kingdoms of Earth, the Angelics & your Venusian families. Venus & Earth have reconnected after many years of separation & longing. They are singing a new song into creation. Listen quietly & you may hear it.

You have crossed a line & there is rejoicing from all the hosts of heaven & earth & everywhere in-between. All eyes of creation are upon you, dear ones of Earth. What will you do now with your new found freedoms? We are here, much closer to you now, as you open you inward eyes ad reawaken your super senses, you will see a much greater reality lies within you & all around you; at your service.

You, dearest ones, are the jewels of our Creator. You are the highest souls , the ones with the courage to leap into the darkness & explore & grow. Now the veils are thinning & the light is returning & it is all within you. It is time to explore your neighborhood & meet your neighbors. To reunite with your higher dimensional families & friends who have patiently awaited & supported your awakening.

Live your Lives New!
Make New Choices!
Dream in your Biggest Dreams!

YOU are the Creators of this reality & together you are creating & entering a new life, a new reality. The higher dimensional life is sweet. It is FULL of grace & love & feels so wonderful. You will have to get used to this, dearest ones…

Let the Darkness Go & Become Only a Memory

This experience, this journey; is within you. The wisdom is yours. Now it is time to return to Paradise & live fully & sustainably & lovingly & connected on your Mother Earth. Align with her, connect to her, support her with your every choice & action. She has done her part, she allowed the process to come to completion. She has chosen, she is ascending & you are, too.

We love every ONE of you & stand with open arms & hearts and invite you to meet us & remember the greater whole that awaits your explorations. Return to ONENESS in Wholeness dear ones.

Rainbow Meditation & the Penetrating Light

For this is where you are moving into unity & oneness. The portal day of 10-10-2009 will bring a quickening of the already thin veils. This day may bring new sight to many. Light will enter and penetrate anyone who has an opening this day. Intend this, dearest ones, for you are some of the most powerful creators in all creation! It is you who create your reality by where you focus.

Will you join us to hold the vision of this new light flooding your earth?

Quiet yourself, breathe deep & look inward to your heart.

See & feel a vivid rainbow of the highest frequencies & most beautiful colors you can imagine.

Call it into your own body-mind. See it dancing inside every cell, illuminating you from the inside out.

Now feel it penetrate your brothers & sisters all over the planet. Taste it penetrating into every heart-body-mind of every living soul on earth who is ready to receive it.

Now send it into your waters & soaking into your Mother Earth. Marvel at all these beautiful rainbows dancing across your skies.

Now take a deep breath & blow it out into your universe.

My greatest blessing & love this day to you ALL Beloveds, I will be calling it in with you.

This is Sophia with all the Great Mothers & Divine Feminines. Pan & all the Nature Kingdoms are ready to bless you & reunite with you in co-operative co-creation.

10-07-2009 through Saleena Kí

Sophia's 10-10 Message & Guided Rainbow Meditation Video

The Rainbow Meditation can be used over and over again, on any day. If you would like to hear the message and follow the guided meditation, see our YouTube Video:


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