11-11-11 Lightwork Events

Opening of the Rose Stargate

VK62 Cosmic Rose Stargate
The Energies for November 2009
Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn
Meditation by Mary Magdalene

For information about the opening, see: The Opening of the Rose Stargate.

Grand Opening of the Temple of Anuenue

VK51 Rainbow Temple of Anuenue
As We Enter the Crystalline Age,
You are invited to attend the
Grand Opening on November 11th, 2009,
of a new higher dimensional

Spiritual Learning & Creation Center
Temple of Anuenue - Rainbow

Its Grand Theme is to assist ALL in our transition from
4th Age to 5th Age.
For more, see 11-11-11 Grand Opening of the Temple of Anuenue.

How You Can Participate

You can visit in your own meditation at 11:11am or 11:11pm your local time on November 11.

You are also invited to join the Complimentary Teleconference sponsored by Suzanna Kennedy by registering here: Grand Opening of the Temple of Anuenue & Rose Stargate - An Intergalactic Lightbody Journey - With Suzanna, Saleena and Marimar.

Other 11:11 Happenings

Divine Illumination Foundation OV the New World

I, Saleena, just joined the social network called DIVINE ILLUMINATION FOUNDATION OV THE NEW WORLD or OV for short: I like the energy & beings who are playing here.

OV Staff: This is a very special time and we have many forums, blogs and events explaining more.

Time to Gear up in meditations to the 11/11/11 Gateway which is November 11th, 2009 which comes out numerically to 11/11/11 and also the 33 energies for those who have seen or been activated by that number 33. See the 11:11 Gateway

11:11 ~ Shall We Coinci:Dance?

11:11 Group at OV

Visit the OV Social Network at: http://mountzion144.ning.com

11:11 Celebration – A NEW Frequency for MANIFESTING!

Saleena: I know this is a local California gathering, I posted it because I like the message & frequencies she is holding for us all. Thank you!

“It’s been FOUR years and NOW is the time! This is the frequency we’ve all been waiting for to help us manifest our GREATEST DREAMS!!! It’s been four years of purging, letting go & releasing… four years of birthing new hearts and new communities of light… four years of shifting our lives, raising our vibrations & discovering our Soul’s calling… four years of dreaming the big dreams!

And NOW our Earth Mother is able to rise up, open her lotus blossom to meet the Great Central Sun, and RECEIVE an infusion of light directly from the HEART of the Universe! This is a great BLESSING!!”

More information at: Lightworkers MeetUp

11:11 Videos

November 11th - New Energies for Planetary Healing - Part One
1111 Alchemical Waves of Love Ascension Stargate
The 11:11 Phenomena


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