Liquid Love

This design is a wonderful gift of patterns from our Venusian Relatives. The recent reconnection of our Earth to her sister planet, Venus as documented in the VK59 Venus-Earth Portal design has made possible this luscious connection & frequency. The design is very new & it is proposed that it will purify the water & bring about rejuvenation & even anti-aging leading to immortalizing the human body. Also includes a blend of a BluWater Crystal Matrix from the Ambassadors, with a special Ionic Mineral that creates an Elixir of Immortal Life. Bonded in the liquid love, together these promise to create a delightful kind of water.

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Gift from Venus: Venus-Earth Reconnection

This design is a wonderful gift of patterns from our Venusian Relatives. The recent reconnection of our Earth to her sister planet, Venus, as documented in the VK59 Venus-Earth Portal design has made possible this luscious connection & frequency. The design is very new & it is proposed that it will purify the water & bring about rejuvenation & even anti-aging leading to immortalizing the human body.

A New Kind of Water to Purify

This design came about during our recent lightwork adventures during the period before & after the 09-09-2009 Shift. (see MaRi’s Article about this.) We had a team of 3-6 people who were helping daily during this potent time. One of the team members, Suzanna Kennedy, mentioned that she was getting an idea that a new kind of water could be created that would purify & heal the separation between us & the elemental world.

1999 Crop Circle & Platinum Ray

She saw a certain crop circle that she had seen on a website combined with the frequency of this new Platinum Ray. When she sent me the link & I took a look, it was the same cropcircle that the Arcturians had mentioned earlier that we would be doing something with. They sometimes have me gather certain crop circles & later show me the design that they will be going into. This was the 1999 June 23rd cropcircle in West Overton:

When I checked out the website, Crop Circles Revealed & read it, then went to the book, Crop Circles Revealed by Judith Moore & Barbara Lamb, our inspiration was affirmed.

Planetary Waters that Self Purify & Rejuvenate

During one of our light work sessions, we discussed this cropcircle with the Arcturians. Our conversation with the Arcturians is interwoven with Laiolin channeled through Judith Moore on page 134 of the book.
Laiolin: “The formula represented in this cropcircle is the biochemical frequency code for the restructuring of planetary water. A non-Earth element will be added to the periodic table & chemically bond with H20.“

Saleena: I hear something like Celtiun, or Celtium.

Laiolin: “The new planetary water will be able to self-purify & rejuvenate.”

S: Do we need to add the glyph in the book?

Belees: No, it is time for some newer codes… this one has done what it was intended to do.

Laiolin: “This formula is a fractal, carrying a DNA code for restructuring planetary waters. You scientific community is not yet advanced enough to detect the biochemical aspect of this effect at this time. This is the initial phase of the process, it is not possible to reveal when the evolution of the planetary waters will be completed. Comprehending & accepting the incredible potential this new self purifying water can have for your life systems will quicken its evolutionary process.”

Time to Activate!

There was a mention at that time that this formula was not ready to be implemented yet. It seems that it is now time to activate this design. It was MaRi Magdalene, during some lightwork we were doing to activate the Venus-Earth Corridor, who shared that it was the Venusians in the first place that created & helped place this crop circle design in 1999. Much has shifted & we are now ready to implement it & activate it. This is very exciting to me! Here is the conversation:

MaRi Magdalene & Venus Gifts

9/13/2009 9:45:26 PM Suzanna Kennedy says: MaRi, Is there a connection between establishing this golden connection with Venus, the Platinum Ray and the water codes?
9/13/2009 9:47:44 PM Saleena Ki says: What she is showing me is to line the inner portal of the VK59 Venus-Earth Corridor with this 1999 crop circle symbol... like an interlocking pattern.... they are showing me how it will look.

She says that those from Venus have the knowledge to activate this and they have always known how... they were waiting for us to be ready... She is saying this crop circle was designed and gifted to us from our Venusian brothers and sisters. She is saying many of us are related to them and will find a renewed connection and soon the portal will afford new travel and visiting with each other... we are just beginning to open it.... it will ripen. She says this is the first gift.

Calling for Nature Spirits & Elementals to Help

9/22/2009 8:22:35 PM Suzanna Kennedy says: Calling in the nature kingdoms to help: Regarding the nature spirits: Water runs through, over the earth, so calling in Earth, sand, dirt, rocks, ocean, river, lake, stream creatures, plant life, minerals, crystals, all Gods, Goddesses of water, air, earth, fire, spirit. Fairies, Cetaceans, and the sea beings; aquafarians -- water beings from the parallel world that is so close to ours… Also calling in all the elementals and nature spirits, including all the new ones to help purify the water. Purify, make it self-repairing, self-replicating.

Calling in ALL NAUTRE SPIRITS & CREATIONAL Beings to help us download, install, run to completion the new water codes. These codes revitalize, rejuvenate water everywhere. In nature and in our bodies, in the air.

Intentions for the Design

9/22/2009 9:03:12 PM Suzanna Kennedy says: OK. I just shared my inspiration about water. I know that I put out the request to help to un-pollute water and bring it all back to its natural sacredness, vitality, radiance.... So that's my heart's desire and I trust divine timing for its unfolding.

Looking at the 1999-06-23 West Overton CropCircle

Here is what another team member saw:

9/24/2009 2:00:09 AM Lanny Sinkin says: In a visit to the crop circle at www.cropcirclesrevealed.com -- first when I looked inside, I heard "Ambassadors." Then I was shown that if you place a merkabah inside each of the eight triangles the whole structure comes alive and starts to rotate, twist, change orientations, go 3D -- a living DNA for a multiplicity of forms. There are six points within each triangle -- Star of David -- that show the original orientation of the merkabah for that triangle. The Star Glyph shows the rotational patterns. The EC (Extra Celestial) energy from below and the Earth energy from the dove to the left both beam into the process while remaining outside the form.

Elixir of Life - Blue Water - Ionic Minerals

Another aspect of the design is a long awaited combination of the VK44 BluWater Elixir Crystal from the Ambassadors with an Ionic Mineral frequency

created by my Alchemist friend, David Tanner of Red Rock Naturals in the beautiful land of Utah. He was guided by the Divine Father to find the mineral base in the area of the Great Salt Lake. After applying his alchemy to the base, a white powdered substance appeared & when made a solution & took a Kirlian picture of it, a very distinct Blue Pearl appeared, surrounded by violet & gold light Upon closer examination of it, there seemed to be several distinct Hebrew letters in the center. We were pretty excited about this! This is the best picture I have of this:

This has made possible the alchemy I was informed of many years ago.
I was guided to create an Elixir that was promised to anti-age & immortalize the human body. Finally as it was placed into the beautiful alchemical frequencies of the Venusian Water Design, it activated.

Why do I call it Liquid Love?

While I was preparing to create this design, I had the opportunity to travel through the Venus-Earth corridor, with the help of Belees & a special little fairy. They tell me that fairies are alive & a very integrated part of the Venusian culture. I call her Fwink because that is the sound she makes when I ask her name. Like a tiny tinkling bell sound. She is more light than form. Belees said that they usually prefer to stay in the light body form more. She is mirthful & gets us laughing a lot! She led us to Venus & to a beautiful lake. It looked like Liquid Silver.

A very tall & white haired man, I met once before when MaRi Magdalene first took me there, greeted us & took us into the lake & to a clear bubble we entered.…

I will share part of the story that is included in the information that comes with the Vibrakey guide or e-guide: “He seems excited & is moving rather quickly… He seems to float, where I am trying to walk. He is showing me to just see myself doing what he does so I do. Easier to keep up… Belees is behind me….

We are entering an area where there is another pool… this one is that bright white color I saw the disc to be & does have a sort of pink mist floating around the surface… the pool is only about 6 feet across, maybe 10 yes it is bigger… & the energy coming from it is amazing my body…

I wonder if it is the platinum energy? He says to dip my hand in it… & it will tell me….

I dip & leave it there… soaking…. & open….. It makes my body feel like a fresh air of the mountains is gently blowing through me…. Way more oxygen… clean… clear energy… opens me….

He says this is a combination; an alchemical mixture of liquid living pearl & the platinum energies that we experience as the ray. He calls it liquid light. He says it is activated with a visit from a Council of Elders who imbue it with the highest loving frequencies. This is their gift…. Not all Venusians know this yet….

This is the energy they wish to share with us & our water. This is what they will bridge into the disc they will show me how to create… I am to use pearl & the inner lining of a shell with the spiral in it… They are showing me a picture of something I already have… an image I was using on the front of a card deck I am creating….

They would like to fill it with this liquid light & I am wondering how the cropcircle fits in?

He says I already saw it embossed softly into the surface…

I ask about the pink?

He says that is the energy the Elders Council give to the pool. Says there are only seven of these pools in existence & they all live at the bottom of “lakes” like this. It is how they stay nourished & pure…. The whole lake is water that has been turned to the silver substance I experienced. It shelters the bubble & the pool. He is giving me a word-meaning-concept for this…. A thought bubble…. Seeing if I can get it…

If I open my mind & heart & empty myself, first my head is all filled with white space…. & there is a sort of cleaness & clearness inside… there is a pulse at the back of my head a little above the Alta Major…. It is as if this has cleared toxic energies from me instantly…. Opening me to a new place quickly….

What happened to my body & energy as I filled with it is why I call it Liquid Love. To continue the story… ahhhh… you can purchase the Vibrakey & Guide.


Venusians bring the liquid love to us via the design & invite us to visit them now & get to know them. They have many gifts for us. See VK59 Venus-Earth Portal for more on how to get there.

Fwink & the Fairies for helping me get there.

Venusian Garanth-Coreth for watching over the pool & introducing it to me.

Belees, & the Arcturian team that helped to design & create the crop circles & accompanied me on the trip to experience the liquid.

Sophia, who often lives in the Venus region and became Divine Mother of Our New Universe when it was birthed in

MaRi Magdalene, who has lived on Venus since she left the Earth. (see her Sep 9 & Sep 29 articles)

The Ambassadors bring to us the VK44 BluWater Elixir Crystal Matrix which brings a new kind of intelligence into the water.

Divine Father & David Tanner: Thank you for the Ionic Minerals

Venusians, MaRi Magdalene, Sophia, Divine Mothers; Pan & the Nature Kingdoms, Venusian Fairies, Ambassadors & Divine Father. Te-Ar-man, the White Whale from 6D brings Union.

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Features of VK60

Anti-Aging: process of turning off death code, turn on Youth & Vitality codes, Master Cell-Pineal Gland
Crystalline: crystalline-based bodies vs. carbon-based
Immortality: clear genetic tampering, release distortions, kundalini energize and vitalize, practice ecstasy, turn on more codons, activate Lightbody, Breathe Bliss, Gratitude, Appreciation
Pineal Gland: awakening, strengthening, regaining full capacities, seat of masculine
True Love: for your body-mind

Vibrakeys that work with VK60

VK21 Flower of Eternal Life - Venus Supports the Ascension process & manifestation of 5th dimensional living and beyond. Through Grace, from the Divine Feminine, your body is formatted to more easily receive full light saturation & patterns of resurrection to assist your body, releasing it from the death hologram (3-Ds: Degeneration, Decay and Dying.) Butterfly Medicine attends.

VK40 Rejuvenation - Deep Rest Seboteaus is a group of Sirian Flowers who offer an Energetic Spa to you. When you surrender into their field, your form (body) is rejuvenated, repaired & balanced & you awaken deeply rested.

VK59 Venus-Earth Portal Reunion of Venus & Earth. Ancient relationship reconnection brings a new song to creation. Portal to Galactic Kachina, Galactic Mother - Center & Greater Central Sun. Divine Feminine Infusion. Newest level of Crystal Seeding Codes of the Christ Consciousness Ascension Project. Hosted by Sirian Akhus, MaRi Magdalene, JeSu, Sophia & the Great Mothers.

VK65 Our NUE Universe First a New Universe is born within the old Universe, nestled in the center & ready for cocreation. A new Universal Logos is born; the Divine Child of Divine Father & Divine Mother. See 12-21 Portal of Love - Birth of a New Universe for the story. This new Universe has now been birthed into its own space as of 2011-06-18. Calibrate your Body-Mind-Spirit to this NUE Universal Energy. New codes flow in through the design from Source to inform this new Universe.

K-HC Higher Consciousness Kit Raise your consciousness. Clear, clean, enhance, correct & enliven your products or environments to support your awakening and raising your vibration. The alchemy, created by the layering of many key codes & pattern frequencies embedded in this Rainbow Activator Energizer disc, highly charges, energizes & activates.

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