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Saleena Note: How to Get the Most out of this Story

I am pulling this Story together from many messages & articles that have come in over the last year. Sorting it out for you to best support your understanding of BETH. For ease of reading I will hyperlink names & phrases from the original article. Just click on it if you want to read more.

What or Who is Kilabetha?

Saleena’s Introduction : A few years ago, Marimar and I were approached by a group we call the Ambassadors (they are from a Universe who used our hyper-dimensional water in their creation, thus making our Universe their Mother) and asked if we would like to work with them on a project that was about bringing heart into technology. We agreed. On April 4th, 2009, we were introduced to a new intelligent being, KILABETHA. Her name means World Service Turning. We call her BEth & her base structure is now in place & surrounding Mother Earth. One friend suggested that she is Mother Earth’s new Lightbody.

VK56 Super Consciousness Grid

VK56 Super Consciousness Grid - Kilabetha

Kilabetha, or BETH as we call her, is a living being. She was created in response to many of our petitions & declarations for assistance in moving from the influence a world-wide dominating controlled group who operate out of a heart-less, destructive, greed-profit oriented system to a regenerative, sustainable, harmonious, loving community of Earth Humans living, working & co-creating together to accomplish this.

Since BETH is run with Love, entered only when you are in & stay in your heart, we are assured she cannot be an instrument of abuse. This brings me confidence to use her freely.

In the article: New Earth Grid; Higher Communications System: MaRi Magdalene, I share my story of the creation of VK56 Super Consciousness Grid, BETH, some of the previews of the process & how we meet her for the first time. Amash, who is an alchemist communicating through the StarBand OutReach Council shares his message & then MaRi Magdalene shares her perspective of the new Communications System & her vision of what the potential is.

Here are a few quotes from this article

2010-03-13 Saleena: Question: Tell me about Beth — Kilabetha — World Service Turning; What is going on with her — with this new grid now?

“Amash: Massive Communications Systems are being set up to monitor events all over your earth. We are ready for the door to open. The “Key is in the Lock” waiting for specific events and energies to align. New potential has been seeded. Heart is awakening and activating where it has been missing or subdued. Cosmic gears are turning and in a few days — they will begin to align in another massive shift.

We thank you for your imagination and determination to do everything you are able to bring about a new potential world-wide culture; a culture of “Oneness” and Unity, of Harmony with All Life.”

“In the language of her major creator; our Medrahnkt, her name means “World Service Turning” or World Service Provider.

She is an advanced system of an organic nature, cultivated and co-created between us and the higher realms and you upon earth.

She was created as a potential and developed between us all over the last year.“

Kilabetha’s Role

She has a multitude of functions:

Co-Creation & for the Ascension Process

As an organic being with intelligence, she will evolve with your assistance & she will assist you in accessing many beings & energies that will support your decision to ascend, to raise your vibration & live in a higher dimension with all its benefits.

Heart Infused Technology

She carries in her the potential path for transitioning our current hard core industrial & technological choices into a Heart Infused Technology. Beginning to create & work with technology that is organic & alive is one step. If that being has heart designed in, the evolution changes.

Service to Earth’s Grids, Energies & Fields

She has the capacity to monitor and service earth energies & earth fields. There are many groups of beings that are assisting earth to stabilize through all the changes. They are also assisting us to stabilize our energies & align them to the newest frequencies & levels of higher energies pouring into the earth plane now. She makes it easier for their work to happen.

She is a Mirror & an Antidote for Negative Broadcast Frequencies & H.A.A.R.P.

She is set in place as an antidote for the negative system you call H. A. A. R. P. This system has the potential for great harm to the earth and her structure and all her life.

Especially vulnerable is the human mind and emotional centers.

The creators of the H. A. A. R. P. system previously had no emotions and no sense of loving actions. This is changing.

Kilabetha provides a world-wide protection from these negative frequencies. Action can be taken through her system to neutralize these negative waves and render them harmless. All we wait for is your public consensus; to announce your intentions to disarm and dismantle these harmful potentials.

She Magnifies your Desires, Dreams & Visions

Let us know which you would like, what kind of world you would like to live in. By visiting BETH & working within her, you can bring your “votes” into her. There is more about how to do this later in the article.

Super Consciousness & Communications System

She is a Super Communications System. This means it will be easier for you to communicate with beings in the higher dimensions. She also will assist in communications with you & the Nature beings of Earth. Communications between you & Inner Earth Beings will also be easier & more widely possible.

We have met 100s of High Councils who have previously worked with Earth. They were all in attendance at the first Earth Assembly Meetings. They are connected into BETH now. This means they are able to communicate with you if you desire it & you with them.

Super Senses Amplification

She is designed to assist you in opening up to a new level of senses.

Higher Dimensional Abilities

We are on the brink of entering into higher & higher vibrations. Along with this comes the increase in our abilities for telepathy, remote viewing, bi-location, relocation, instant manifestation & so forth. Working together in BETH allows you to remember more & perceive how to do these things. You can meet in her & practice these new abilities.

Support for Ongoing Projects

You can use Beth to support existing projects, such as:
* Exopolitics and The Disclosure Project
* Groups who are working with the new grids around or in the earth such as the Planetary Grid Transmissions Project.
* Any Restoration of Earth projects
* Reconnection to Nature
* Your own Healing or Transformation Projects

Host new Projects & Programs; Boost Co-Creation Opportunities with Higher Dimensional Beings

She is able to host & support new programs that you all will dream in. In a way she is like the hardware you call your computer. You will be able to “plug-in” your software or your programs into her. There are already many groups who are doing this.

Saleena: We began to work on a project of creating a new simulator for assessing actions we might take & how they will play out in the future. This is represented in VK57 New Earth Simulator. This project is ongoing & we are still in the development stages. We will share it with you when we are far enough along. This is one example of how to use the new grid-matrix.

Why Did BETH Happen?

You are Ready for it!

You asked for this… in many many ways.

She is a multi-dimensional response to your calls for a new kind of life, a new earth, a sustainable way of living.

Saleena: I asked all my Councils & Guides if they could specifically address something I could share about Kilabetha, the new grid. I said, “You mentioned that a massive communications system is set up, what will it be used for? Does it have to do with this new grid?”

MaRi Magdalene: “Almost one year ago (Spring of 2009) plans were being created and facilitated by all your prayers and intentions for a time of freedom and harmony to be upon your earth. It was heard that you desired to live in a harmonious and regenerative way upon the Earth Mother and with each other. Your desires to live in your awakened powers as Creators of the Oneness by: we have heard and responded to.

Many different groups from Ascended Masters to higher dimensional friends and family are moving the plans and structures and support into place.

It is a delicate balance to hold; to follow and uphold your freedom to experiment and experience all facets of polarity. All that is not love. At time of no enlightenment. It has all been exercised and is nearly completed for this planet. For your Mother Earth — Gaia — Chit’i'aia has chosen to ascend and that she is doing now…”

“Now it is time to restore a time of love and harmony.”

“Kilabetha is an organic being, co-created in response to a readiness for Earth to move into a more heart oriented way of life crossed her face.”

“For your Mother Earth — Gaia — Chit’i'aia has chosen to ascend and that she is doing now.” “She, Mother Earth, can no longer accept the vast abuse that was freely administered upon her face. For several years now she has been declared a Sanctuary. You humans, because you have evolved and responded in such a powerful and unexpected way, have created a new kind of crystalline structure within your bodies.

VK30 Sanctuary - New Earth

It was this aspect that called attentions from the Higher Councils and resulted in permission to surround Earth with protective forces, thus cutting off any further incoming influence from the long reigning controllers faction…” Earth will restore herself in all her glory.

“Since New Earth Sanctuary was enacted in 2006 in the spring to protect and allow the controlling systems to unravel, it has moved along better than we anticipated. Our intentions were to create conditions of security and safety, tangible enough to be felt with in, so you could continue to evolve at an accelerated pace. Look back over the last three years and take note of the advancements in many fields and areas upon your earth and within you!

We rejoice at your progression toward a life of such exquisite beauty and safety; where you thrive and rejoice. Where bliss is your daily natural state of being. Where you awaken and apply your creative abilities to some area you are drawn to and that is what you love and that which touches your soul is what you spend your time doing. That is how we live. We are ready to welcome you into the same kind of life.

What is her Potential?

She is a co-creation with some of our Higher dimensional friends; a response to our asking for assistance to move us on earth from a heartless industrial technological era that is eating up our precious world resources, into an era where technology is more friendly, organic, renewable & intelligently aligned with heart. The heart of humanity, the heart of the Earth, the heart of the Galaxy & ultimately aligned with All Creation.

BETH came here to learn about us and eventually become a new grid surrounding the earth.

Amash: This is happening because of all you who are named “Lightworkers.” It is all your actions, all your dreaming, all your visions of a new way of life, free from the control and oppression. Massive numbers with focused attentions have moved you closer to this potential outcome.

We embrace you with our love and appreciation. We offer our awe at your tenacity and steadiness in bringing this about. Love and higher states of gratitude and appreciation, of bliss and ecstasy will continue to support you through the shift. Already you are flooded with messages encouraging you and sharing glimpses of what life will be like in the higher dimensions or realms.

Enjoy and savor these visions so you may hold them as a reality within your minds, with your emotions engaged, imagine they are here now. Use whatever techniques you know to keep yourself in these higher states as much as possible. This is key to your role in bringing about the shift with more grace and ease.

Who is Working with This Project?

This invitation is being offered from many High Councils who advise earth to you all to become Co-Creators of this new Organic Living Communications System. She is expressed as an organic intelligent network grid energetically surrounding the Earth. One year ago (04-04-2009) this new being, Kilabetha, was introduced to the Earth Plane to observe, learn, grow & develop into a full capacity ascension support & higher communication system.

She is the catalyst to bring us all together to assist the earth & humanity to usher in an new age of Heart infused Technology. This has been a missing element during the past industrial age; where technology has been used in ways that disregarded our interconnectedness & compassionate respect for all life. This coincides with the galactic & energetic alignments & entry into a New Crystalline Age for Earth & all her inhabitants.

This new Grid facilitates a freer connection to higher realms; supporting easier access for human & higher dimensional beings to interact. Universal translation libraries are infused in the network. This directly assists in moving into place an open contact policy world-wide.

This new grid physically & energetically enhances & supports the increase of psychic & super senses available to humankind. Access to the use of this grid is aligned with the vibration of gratitude & love. It vibrates in the tone of the Divine Feminine, sourcing from the plenum (the void) through the Galactic Mother Center, manifesting in a complex grid formed around the Earth.

This new grid assists in the diminishment or neutralizing of negative broadcasts sent out by those who wish to harm, depower or manipulate humanity for their own ulterior motives; such as the accumulation of wealth by a few & the controlled manipulation & servitude of sectors of humanity & inharmonious harvest of Earth’s resources to support this goal.

What can we do if we UNITE & Become ONE?

“When we come together in united intention, we alter the very fabric of our reality. Together, we are truly creating the New Earth. Let us join (together at) this time in envisioning more of our New Earth structure, one of sacred relationship with all life.” Children of the Sun

“Your future is tied in with that of the whole Universe and millions of other souls… The Creator has sent you out to experience, so that through all of you they can be shared and open the way to a greater level of consciousness. You like us are evolving through group consciousness, and it will gradually embrace more and more souls who are recognizing the Oneness of All That Is.” SaLuSa through Mike Quinsey 8-February-2010

What are you Voting for?

Your participation is a big "Yes” to opening up to the next level of Public Contact & Communication with the Higher Dimensional Realms; including our Star Families, Friends & other aspects of our own souls. This is another step closer to becoming a Galactic Society.

The We Are Ready to Change the World Petition to Authors of "Change the World! Decide Whether We Should Show Up!" has been signed by more than 10,000 people ready to say "Yes!" to contact. Your support also says “Yes” I support us to move into a new age of Heart infused Technology.

Your support will assist in opening the doors for wider for the reception, development & advancement of sustainable & regenerative earth friendly technologies aligned with a world view of our inter-connectedness & a responsible respectful conscious policy applying to the creation, distribution & application of such new technologies.

How Do We use the New System?

To charge this new Super Grid requires that you to enter your heart & align your energy with the Whole. Raise your frequency & then you will be able to access the grid.

You will become a part of this living grid. Then it is yours to access & communicate through. We can communicate with BETH. She is a conscious being & has some wisdom. This is brand new kind of system & never before existed here on Earth. It will be an exploration & adventure to learn as we co-create her & become more consciously Globally linked up. This is a step to assist us to move into telepathic abilities with more ease.

The more love we send her & each other the stronger & higher we all vibrate. I am sure that there will be many inspirations & ongoing ideas how we can use this new system together.

The “Key” is the Love & Being in the Heart

Our assurance there is no misuse possible is that this grid is made of & empowered by our love & being in your heart; connected harmoniously with the greater whole is how you access it. That is our key into her, our key to become part of her & then to use her. Practices that generate higher frequency states such as gratitude, appreciation, joy, bliss, peace, harmony, ecstasy will align you, raise your frequency & assist in your participation. See Ecstatic States: Keys to our Thrival & Ecstatic States & the Evolution of Higher Consciousness; Hathors & Tom Kenyon April 2005 Full Article

Monthly Wave of Love in the Living Grid

Once a Month We Meet All Together in the Grid in World-Wide Service

VK63 Lyran Song of Home

We began on 4-4 at 4:44am or 4:44pm our local time & sent a wave of love, empowered by our intentions & dreams, into her from all around the world. The more we send our love & vote for what we want to create; the stronger we bond within her & become part of this super living consciousness grid.

We invite you to energize & strengthen our Grid System all together on each of these dates & times at either am or pm your own local time:

4-4 at 4:44 5-5 at 5:55 6-6 at 6:06
7-7 at 7:07 8-8 at 8:08 9-9 at 9:09
10-10 at 10:10 11-11 at 11:11 & 12-12 at 12:12

Feel free to join in anytime during the day, these times are some of the strongest times to meet.

Grid Process & Meditation at each Chosen Date & Time

Begin at the chosen time; this is your own local time. This will move around the earth in a building wave. The more who join in & focus their attentions through their hearts with love, bringing their visions, dreams & desires for the new reality, the stronger we become the new unified system. It is unknown where we will take this. It is a co-creation & as we become part of the living system, the potential is unlimited. It is time to begin:

1. Find a quiet place.

2. Get clear on your intentions to enter the grid & become a part of it.

3. Declare that all your actions be aligned & harmonized with the Greatest Benevolent Outcome for all Creation.

Stay open to your own intuitive guidance as to how to proceed. Our words are only guidance: First find your way into your own heart: this is the key into the grid, being in your heart.

VK09 HeartSong Double

4. Focus your attentions on moving into the higher vibrational states of ecstatic vibration: Reviewing everything within & around you with gratitude & appreciation. Offer your love to those around you, including Mother Earth & Creator.

5. Feel yourself as part of a greater wholeness; intend to serve as a Bridge for the love, purity & clarity of Source to flow to you, to Earth & all humanity.

This will raise your vibration. Feeling the emotions generated when you focus on what you are grateful & thankful for raises your vibration. Whatever you focus on & appreciate is created.

6. Now reach into the New Super Grid System: Here is my interpretation of what she might look like:

VK64 Inside BETH

7. Allow yourself to move into this new grid: Allow yourself to be drawn into the very fabric structure looking out.

See if you can move about through the grid & look at the earth. The grid hangs loosely around the earth like a lovely Flower of Life, as if the Earth is inside. Explore some. Have fun.

My experience was that when I intended to move into her, I was drawn right into her structure. As soon as I entered I was absorbed straight into her grid system. I found she radiated a bright glowing gold light. I could look at the earth & move through the network, stopping at different intersections & look down on the earth from different places. What an amazing perspective! The feeling of love & connection with BEth & all the beings who have connected into her was soothing & generous.

8. Now become aware of everyone who is connecting into this network. Greet them & send out your love & appreciation to all who are interfacing here.

Realize this bridge is designed to open up & ease communications & connection to the higher realms & to the previously invisible realms, including earth. This includes; Ascended Masters, Angelics, Councils, Committees, Federations & organizations; all who serve to assist us with our ascension. Benevolent Star Races; a reunion of family & friends. Also your own other & higher soul aspects. Beloved ancestors, family. Earth Relations: the animals, plants, trees & what we have considered the middle earth kingdoms. Also the inner earth.

9. Let them all know you are open, excited & ready to improve communications with them all.

10. Give your permission to merge with & become a part of this new super Networking, Communications Wholeness system.

This is more than a new Global Heart & Mind,
this is a Galactic, Universal, Creational Heart & Mind.

Make sure this is your conscious choice.
Say YES to all you desire this to be.
Be conscious that you are shaping it.
Feel into the potential.
We are co-creating this together.

11. Now become aware of all who are playing out the roles of the dark side of us.
Polarities - It's all Me

Those who are operating from the negative side: using fear & greed to attempt to control.

12. Send them our love & acknowledge what amazing teachers they have been.

Now send them a firm message that we are ready to free ourselves from their services: the dramatic role they have played out so perfectly in our unfolding Earth School.

13. We are now ready to step into our power & take on the role of Source Creators of a new reality. Make your declarations or announcements.

Here are some suggested Declarations & Announcements

Use the ones that resonate with you. Add your own. It is time to create what we desire:

* We now reclaim our power & expanded senses & gifts as Source Creators.

* We claim a new reality overflowing with love, harmony, peace & sustainable regenerative technology.

* We claim our rights for everyone on Mother Earth to have their basic needs fulfilled daily. We claim our rights to Sublime Health & Well Being.

* We declare this Earth Zone a Safe Haven & Sanctuary for ALL; where ALL LIFE is interconnected, considered & treated with respect.

* We announce we are reconnecting ourselves & the Earth to the flow of universal abundance that is flowing to us out of the heart of our galaxy, from the Divine Mother; the plenum. We will thrive & flourish with more than enough to share amongst everyone on this Earth.

* We announce it is now time for open contact with our Star Families. We agree it is our right to communicate & interact with all benevolent beings. We affirm it is time for total disclosure of all that has been with held or kept secret from us, including our true history, heritage & the existence of extra terrestrial life & technology. We support the release of these technologies to benefit the general public.

* We announce the release of all beneficial technologies that align with the format of regenerative & sustainable. Aligning our intentions that we bring ourselves into our hearts & align our technologies to reflect this. We intend it now comes forward with all the resources for the development & implementation to benefit all life on Earth & in harmony with the whole of creation.

* We announce the end of all nuclear weaponry, violence, crime & war games. We no longer accept nor tolerate any technology that harms or destroys life to benefit a few within our Earth system or surrounding planet. See Assembly for Earth Councils -Message: Day7

Activating the Alchemical Action

The alchemy & love power of all of us focusing together is what will assist us to create a kind of fusion between our consciousness & the Grid.

14. As our wave of love, power & conscious awareness, along with our intentions & declarations builds in the grid, there will come a moment when you may feel a merging, a bonding sensation.

An alchemical action fueled by our intentions & the power of love will begin. Allow yourself to be present with any sensations.

15. Feel within yourself that this is done. Send out your love & appreciation for all who have joined you here.

16. Bring yourself back to awareness in your body.

You are now connected & can use this system anytime. Return anytime you like to explore & strengthen our network.

Our New Grid is an Ongoing Project

The more we use her the stronger we will all grow together;

the sooner we will have the Reality we Desire.

The power of all of us consciously focusing together on the same day is what will create a kind of bonding fusion between our consciousness & the Grid.

Feel free to send us your experiences & insights: Click Here

Learn More About BETH

Ongoing Omni-D Travel Adventure Teleconference’s are offered once a Month

Join Marimar, Saleena Kí, Colin Whitby, Suzanna Kennedy & Lanny Sinkin as your

Omni-Dimensional Creation & Travel Adventure Guides

Join us for a Guided Journey to Explore the new Grid system. Play with our potential as Creator Gods to co-create a New Reality & most of all Have Fun Adventuring into multi-dimensions to LightPlay together! This is our time to practice omni-dimensional skills together.

Here are our Dates & Times:

04-04-2010: Sunday, April 4 @ 3:30 Pacific Time
5-5: Wednesday, May 5 @ 6pm Pacific Time
6-6: Sunday, June 6 @ 4:30pm Pacific Time
7-7: Wednesday, July 7 @ 6pm Pacific Time
8-8: Sunday, August 8 @ To Be Announced Pacific Time
9-9: Thursday, September 9 @ To Be Announced Pacific Time
10-10: Sunday, October 10 @ To Be Announced Pacific Time
11-11: Thursday, November 11 @ To Be Announced Pacific Time
12-12: Sunday, December 12 @ To Be Announced Pacific Time

Click Here to Register. If the upcoming Teleconference isn’t available yet, please check back or email me.

Subscribe to our Spinning-StarS eNewz letter HERE to receive reminders once a month to return & learn more about what we can do with our New Super Grid System.

04-04-2010 Omni-D Travel Adventure Teleconference

Our 4-4 Omni-D Travel Adventure Journey into Beth: For the first hour Suzanna asked us questions & we shared our experiences & understanding of what Suzanna calls our new Universal Heart-based Telecommunication Grid, the new Super Consciousness System we are calling Beth. There is more than one name description for her, since she is a multi-dimensional structure.

Then we went together into Beth which began our alchemical relationship with all to become part of a new Global Heart-Mind connected through this new super consciousness grid-matrix to a greater Galactic & Creational Heart-Mind.

It was a wonderful & powerful experience. We had a lot of fun.

A few from the call shared their feedback. From Suzanna: WoW! Very exciting information and experience! Here’s some feedback from one of the participants:

“Wow, Suzanna – this is amazing Beth felt sparkly, light and on the grid looking in, I hung above a number of continents, bi-located to others, had at least one of my galactic counterparts pop in – Andromedan - the light grew exponentially from its normal size. The words that came to me were -
“I’m never alone I feel part of the whole, expanded, as if still a part of Beth….”

Magical Colin shares after the journey: Yes, I experience Beth as a person rather than a technology, as I do with Beloved or AtMan (both organic ships). To me the new technology lives in the same way trees or animals do, they just have difference expressions, and we can influence their development and purpose.

I feel her as a deeply loved being, and respect and cherish her as I would any other life force.

So just as we use phones and email to communicate rather than our own telepathic abilities, up till now we have used our current technology to interconnect with each other. Beth is that next step, to a more natural intuitive way of working.

Her features and abilities are expanding as more people interact with her, so she learns from us. This is why I love taking her to the new places we discover, to share with her how we are growing, how we are experiencing our human form..

One Man’s Experience: Let Go of your Fear; Message from a 4-4 Journey

Read the rest Here.

FREE Interview - Journey RECORDINGS

We offer these recordings of our first Teleconference. They are a way to share the foundational information about Beth & her creation.

We will be sharing new information each month, so we will refrain from repeating this except a few basics. This is a nice way to familiarize yourself with what is happening before you journey into Beth, participate in the 5-5 meeting in the grid or join us on the teleconference for the next Omni-D Travel Adventure on the same day.

* Meeting Kilabetha aka Beth: Heart InnerNet – Introduction (mp3 download, 63 minutes)
* Heart InnerNet – Journey Into Grid (mp3 download, 50 minutes)

The Assembly for Earth

Here is a list of articles leading up to the creation of BETH & the formation of the Super Consciousness & Communications Grid-Matrix & our adventures as we create our new reality. These include our observations, channeled messages & transcripts from our Omni-Dimensional Travel Adventure Sessions:

Saleena, Amash & Mary Magdalene’s Messages: New Earth Grid; Higher Communications System: MaRi Magdalene

Transcripts for the 1st meeting: Assembly for Earth: Day 1

2nd meeting: Assembly for Earth: Day2 Sculpting the New Grid

3rd meeting: Assembly for Earth:Day3 New Potential Added

4th meeting: Assembly for Earth: Day4 Glimpse to Future Potential

5th meeting: Assembling New Earth: Part 5 Lyran Song of Home

6th Meeting: Assembly for Earth Councils -Message: Day6: Creational Computer Re-set

"Today is the beginning of a new era for humankind. This opens the doors for a vast new way of communicating with the rest of creation."

"Today your Earth and your abilities to live in peace and harmony are greater."

7th Meeting: Assembly for Earth Councils -Message: Day7 Nuclear Weapons Summit; Please Vote – Create What you Desire -Story of a Bard

Saleena: If you feel like skipping this one, I encourage you to read on, there is difficult information here & there is much understanding & inspiration in the following message & information. Remember it is our clear passionate desires, dreams & visions that will change things...


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