Theme: 2012

Information & predictions about what is to come on and after 2012

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2012-06-29 There is a SHIFT We ALL Must Make-We ALL Know How-The Key is in Our Heart
2011-08-21 The Quickening Might Be Quicker Than You Have Imagined
2011-03-01 Revolution of Consciousness – Astrological Energies
2011-02-12 The Micro & the Macro: Part 1: “What is Happening on Earth and Throughout our Solar System at this Critical Time in Galactic History?”
2010-12-23 Awakening and 2012 – introducing Maika Suneagle
2010-12-20 Comparing 12-21-2010 & 12-21-2012 Is This What We Have Been Waiting For?
2010-12-18 Astrological-Energetic Report of Lunar Eclipse-Winter Solstice-2012
2010-09-24 Two Earths Forming – Which will you Choose?
2010-07-14 Mayan 9th Wave of Unity Consciousness Convergence is in YOU!
2010-06-18 Solstice of OM; OM Crystal of Shasta & Gateway of OM
2010-05-30 Birth of a New Humanity – Drunvalo Melchizedek
2010-05-12 Birth of a CoCreative Universal Human; Is that what we are doing?
2010-04-25 Weary Unendingly Tired Raw Angry Strange Joyful Painful Ecstatic Disconnected Lost Almost Dead Nearly Resurrected Almost Enlightened etc… You Relate?
2010-02-23 Here & Now; It is ALL THERE IS

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