Theme: Hathors

Masters of Love & Sound. Omnidimensional Beings here to assist us in moving into a more harmonious existence. To show us how we all are connected into the Web of Life. They have much to share with us.

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VK20 LightBody Bliss Supports re-growth, opening & activation of the Pineal Gland, leading to the natural activation of the LightBody and establishment of a natural boundary system between us and the outer reality. Great for ultra-sensitives. Works synergistically with VK10 Electric Support. Includes a powerful & simple breathing technique that restores lost memories enabling us to remember ourselves. I love doing this breath in the morning, it seems to open me up psychically. Super energizer!

VK68 10-10-10 Crystalline Stargate ONE It is by allowing and acknowledging all your myriad possibilities, tens of thousands upon millions of them, that you regain your connection to the One that is you. So this is part of what this design is reflecting...this is part of the experience we are opening to on 10-10-10 to share. Attended & Hosted by: Council of Arcturian Elders, The Founders, Syrians, Lyrans, Belees and the A Team, Arcturians, Pleiadians, Andromedans. Sophia & Moreahl, Angelics, Whales & Dolphins, Tirisian, Venusians, MaRi, Hathors-Kah-Eh-Lahn & Ancient One.

VK72 12-12 Pineal Stargate 3 Your Pineal Gland is your Stargate. It is time for you to take control of your stargate and learn to use it. This Pineal Gland activation helps you break free of restriction-filter of the old matrix and emerge into a "lighter" being who accesses the Higher Realms more easily.


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