Harmonious Relations

Balances male and female aspects within you, ending polarity conflict. Imagine internal cooperation, internal peace, and this reflecting into your outer world! The war ends inside first, then we can have peace on Earth. Beautiful messages from our internal male and female.

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Energetic Research

Research from Barry Martin

The eight vibration is strong in this, with all the different flower parts, both the stamens and pistils are releasing which is the sign of creation as is the number eight the number of continuous creation. 
It begins with Yin-Yin the 2, the next octave being four 2x2 which yields earth or matter, and the next octave or the cube of 2 is continuous creation or eight. Two times two is the horizontal vector of creation, where matter creates on the fourth ray of Harmony through conflict, or sets of opposing forces, where as with the 8 the vertical axis is added which allows the transcendent function to be added to the creation process allowing for the spiraling motion of continuous creation function.
As I look at the key and meditate on it, the energy is shifting from the right to the left side of my body, balancing the polarity.  On the job, on the tower on the mountaintop I tend to go into the yang polarity much more.  I can now feel it moving back, flowing back over to my feminine side.  I focus on the Tao in the middle and see how the Tao is truly in the middle is the source of everything. I am reminded how the yin yang symbol is the representation of the spiraling interplay of the white and dark light spirals dancing together. 
Experiencing a breakdown and release of identity patterns lodged in the throat chakra which identify with being on the male side of polarity, a rigidness there which holds energy on the right side of my body. This is breaking up into little particles.  A rigidness formed into a membrane which now dissolves allowing the flow back and forth. 
The balanced use of the white and black in this really brings the yin-yang function so clearly to consciousness. 
I am experiencing a very large cosmic presence who is the  embodiment and perfecter of the harmony of the yin-yang flow.  I will ask who this is and see if I can get a sense of it.  I hear the Great Divine Director, who handles all ray patterns as well.
I can now see the yin yang flow pattern setting up in my core, emitting waves of energy in spirals balancing yin and yang back and forth.  With every shift in consciousness, thought energy, the polarity balance immediately responds and spirals into a new configuration balancing things, bringing all bodily energies into harmony.  Now I see deeply that is what harmony is. We are never balanced at the fulcrum, there is always a movement back and forth across the continuum of polarity, as life is based in polarity, but when it is dualistic, when there is identification with one polarity or the other,  there’s a membrane which builds that keeps the flow of the interchange between the light and dark back and forth across the polarity spectrum of our being from balancing. 
Then we clunk from one side to the other as a response to being locked into one side predominately, usually yang in this culture. Illness is the sharp yin shift which balances this.  When it is working without dualism, our soul is constantly balancing this based upon what divine will is flowing down through our crown chakra into our soul center activating divine expression and creative action.  In response the yin yang flow just moves with the change in expression to keep things always in balance. 
This particular Vibrakey seems to go right to the core of balancing that essential yin-yang energetic flow within the core of our being.  I can continue to feel that flowing within me.  It does bring up the resistances to our polarity flow and movement, as it has shown me.  For example here I need to “be in charge” it’s a military model, so I jump into my masculine to fight fires, with battalions, initial attack groups etc.  It requires going into the male, but if I get identified with it and stay there after work and don’t balance,  energy drops.  I got a kidney infection up here last year from this. I couldn’t get back into my feminine. 
A cool Vibrakey, it gets to the core of the yin yang archetypal flow and restores it.  I have found it works well with VK02 Journey Ships, really potent there.  Have also used this with VK04 Masculine Power, brought up a lot of resistance to being balanced. Fear of feminine etc.
As I continue, the nadis are all balancing the kundalini is flowing up my spine, as it is based in a balanced yin yang flow as per balancing the ida and pingala nadis. 

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Features of VK07

Abandonment: deals with the root level that this pattern was adopted
Abundance: on any level, shifting personal grid to receive
Father: masculinity issues, resolution of
Integration of Polarity: balance and integrate masculine-feminine principles within, release resistance to polarities to find neutral appreciation for the experience, Ho’oponopono
Intimacy: starts within
Mother: femininity issues, resolution of
Sex: conscious sexuality
War-Conflict: ending it inside

Vibrakeys that work with VK07

VK03 Feminine Power

VK04 Masculine Power

VK16 Receive Mother Your own health & wellbeing depends on your ability to receive nourishment and then assimilate it to your Body-Mind-Spirit in such a way you flourish. Your comfort level in any moment is a matter of your being in presence with yourself, wherever you are. Any time you are feeling turmoil or anguish you have drifted far from this knowing. Associating Mother with comfort lies in her willingness to be there for you whenever you ask. You may associate Mother with gentleness, because somehow in her presence, you are able to release all you’ve been hanging on to & just Be.

VK14 Genetic Feast for a ceremony to clear genetic tampering and nourish DNA Helps clear negative patterns engineered to keep us as slave race, and disempower in our choices for procreation. We are originally design to have our own choice about reproduction.

VK47 Alchemical Marriage is for an internal marriage.

VK48 Divine Alchemical Union for bringing harmony to the Mother-Father Child. Enjoy the visions & remember: It’s ALL you & you are the Creator!

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