EYE of ONE Back2Back

Many people are catching glimpses of new dancing rainbow colors. There are new Rainbow Color Frequencies with12 new Rays aligning with and activating 12 new Chakra levels. This Rainbow Bridge helps draw & ground the new color frequencies into the Earth plane, into your bodies, into your cells & DNA. It is a Rainbow Portal designed to stimulate a new kind of Rainbow DNA Activation. This design aligns with a Rainbow Portal anchored in Hawaii at 19.47N for your pleasure: journey, explore & have fun!

Design Evolution


Options & Prices

Laminated double sided VK 2"x2" Back to back$22.00
Laminated double sided VK 3"x3" Back to back$22.00
Laminated double sided VK 4"x4" Back to back$28.00
Laminated double sided VK 8.5"x8.5" Back to back$44.00
See VK Prices & Formats for details on formats. An additional shipping surcharge may apply for international orders or mixed Giclée Print and Laminated Print orders.


New Color Frequencies - New Rays

All during 2012 many people were catching glimpses of new dancing rainbow colors. Some say we have new Rays, some propose we are activating new chakras. I had the fun of working with the Angel of Color to choose 12 colors from our Earth palette to represent a small spectrum of these new color frequencies that I could use for this design. I learned way back, in Vibrakey history, that it is the Angels of Color that can imbue any color with newer vibrant frequencies, thus giving your body-mind a new vibrational experience of the color. That is why Vibrakeys have a certain sparkle and high vibrational feeling to them.

Rainbow Bridge

VK110's design is a Rainbow bridge that helps draw & ground these new color frequencies and codes for ONEness into the Earth plane, into your cells & DNA. Simultaneously a Rainbow Portal was being anchored and activated in Hawaii at 19.47N. Adam is that portal keeper. It was he who first introduced me to what was happening and we worked together throughout the process to bring this gift to Earth. It was a rather wild ride at times, acclimating and integrating these potent frequencies and energies. This design links you to those energies. It is a touch point to connect you as you open to the multi-layered Angelic-Metatronic gifts. The invitation is to journey, to explore & have fun upgrading your whole Body-Mind system as you bathe in the new luscious color frequencies!

Double Sided Design - 2 Choices

This design is double-sided, meaning the colorful spinning rainbow is on the front and back of the laminated Vibrakey creating a portal through which the energy flows in and out.. There are 2 ways the energy moves through, depending on which choice you make
1. VK110A Back to Back means that the spin in the original image reverse itself.

2. VK110B Mirror Image means that the spin remains the same all the way through.

How to Choose

How will you know which one to choose? I suggest you get in your heart and ask yourself; see which one attracts you the most, listen to your body, muscle test, dowse the answer, or get a Vibrakey Reading, so you can choose the one that supports you the best.
You can also order both to play and experiment with. We found that it really makes a difference with how it feels and works with your energy fields. I like the smaller cards to play with and keep near me. I even use them as coasters from my drinks, since they will "talk" to the liquid and structure it so the energy and vibration of the design goes inside to work with your body at an even deeper level. There are several sizes of smaller cards to choose from.
Most of all have fun playing with and experimenting with these design. Gaze into during meditation, let yourself be drawn in…you never know just what will happen…

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