Metatron's 7 Gates of Creation3

I chose it's number to honor the 7 fold geometry and elements interwoven into it from the new energies birthing it; This design represents and bridges the new crystalline Metatronic-Angelic Network structure as it unfolds through its many movements, like a symphony, into Creation. Through it flows Creation3 energies, pure potential creational energies that when focused on and drawn to you or anything you are focused on, moves you or it to a brand new space where the previous event or energy simply ceases to exist in the same way.

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This new energy-creation3 is so new I am still watching and experimenting with it to see what I can do with it. It is very exciting!
The most recent activity of this ongoing story involving opening portals for higher dimensionals to share through and interactions with Metatron began when my sister, Mary Angelico, received an invitation to participate in a new project as a co-creational event. She is now calling it Joyspring, Opening the 7 Gates of Creation. Archangel Metatron introduced her to the potential of the project and several other Archangelics working with her in this project. She will co-create and collaborate with others on 7 songs that correlate with these 7 Gates of Creation. The first thing that is happening though is the defining of the 7 Gates. As the defining comes in so do the actual openings occur.   This is what happens when humans play with higher dimensionals in these co-creative projects. We help build the structures that interface Earth with the higher realms and beings.
After I asked to play, too, I could feel a new Vibrakey ready to begin birthing. Playing with AA Metatron and my newly landed aspect, Archangel ELoHmn ( EL oHm n). this Angelic part of me seemed to take over the wheel of designing and drive with strong intent once he was fully settled in. The first thing I see is a Heptagon, a 7 sided shape with 3 levels nested inside each other. Then I see that we will weave this new geometric structure with the new 12 color Rays first introduced into VK110A EYE of ONE Back2Back and that is how it began.

VK115 Beginning: Movement 01

Since the inception of this design, there have been many movements at the physical, artistic and energetic levels. As a co-creation I take it to the level I can see, then I wait. Sometimes Colin or Marimar assist in checking in & seeing what is happening and what needs to be done. Often the energies are running through our bodies at many levels and take time to download, activate & integrate. Sometimes the beings who are hosting or co-creating show us things to do. Sometimes we just know. I decided to share some of the movements it & we have gone through. 

VK115 Movement 07 

Showing the new color frequencies chosen by the Angel of Color we begin to methodically, with Metatron's direction, "connect the dots" by rotating through the new frequency colors, pathway by pathway.

VK115 Movement 26

We settle on Movement 26 of this intriguing geometric rainbow structure for this session to let it "simmer" until I am called back to continue. There was an addition of black and white checkerboard background representing polarity, light and dark, one of a Creator's favorite theme to explore Oneself within. The beginning names "VK115 Metatron's Gates - New Community Network" begin to settle in, though Vibrakey names shift and change and rearrange many times before it is fully birthed. I am tired and pleased. Touching every pathways and every intersection was exciting as it began to take on an omni-dimensional form! Movement 28 shows the process of sparking ALL the intersecting points. They happened again in a very methodical order. We could feel it simultaneously happening in the grid structure out in Creation and inside of our bodies as the Angelics assisted us.
You can read more at Metatron's Portal:.
You can read Metatron's Embrace here.

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